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What are bison burgers? Are they nutritionally better than hamburgers?

Are you sick of plain old burgers? If you're having a barbecue, offer your guests something different — something that might even cater to their diets. Here is a look at what's cooking in the world of burgers.

Why choose bison over beef? It is very low in carbohydrates, high in protein, extremely high in iron and low in fat. Just look at the fat on ground beef compared to that on the ground bison. In fact, the fat content is actually lower than the fat content of skinless chicken.

Cooking up a bison burger is simple. Use about nine ounces of ground meat to form a loose patty. Season it with cayenne pepper, paprika, and salt and pepper. After cooking it on each side for just a few minutes, put a dome over the patty for a couple minutes to lock in moisture. Because it is a low-fat content and bison does tend to overcook quickly, you want to put some sort of cover on top. And if you want to add cheese, cover it again. That will give the cheese a nice melt.

The finished product may look like a regular burger, but it's a lot more tender, because there is less marbling. It will just sort of melt in your mouth. It's great! A healthier option nearly everyone can appreciate.

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