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I am giving a speech to my classmates on diabetes. Is there anything that you would suggest I say to them?

Here are a few points to include. Many more of us have diabetes today. The rise in diagnosis is connected to being overweight or obese. Our environment is killing us. Lack of activity and fast food everywhere. Genetics do play a role. So diabetes (type 1) cannot be avoided, based on the research we have today. Type 2 diabetes risk can significantly be lowered if we live a healthier lifestyle. It is better to take good care of ourselves when we are young instead of waiting until we have health problems to then try to fix it.
Last comment; have an A1c test done as a young adult if you are overweight or have diabetes in family. A 5 percent is ideal . If A1c reaches 5.7 aggressive improvements in diet, exercise and weight management are needed to avoid diabetes.

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