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How many calories does 45 minutes of physical therapy burn?

There are several factors that one must take into account when calculating calorie burn, but intensity alone can give you a decent estimate.

If you are not out of breath and able to hold a normal conversation during your physical therapy sessions, then most likely you are expending between 3-5 calories per minute. In 45 minutes, you are expending an estimated 120-150 calories.

If you feel as though you are working hard enough that you have elevated respirations, and could not hold a normal conversation, then you are burning 5-7 calories per minute, for a total of 220-300 calories during your 45 minute session.

If your physical therapist is really tough on you and you’re completely out of breath the whole time, you may be expending up to 10 calories per minute, or 350-450 calories during your sessions.

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