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I go to Weight Watchers and have done very well. I am now on maintenance, but I want to lose another 5 pounds. My leader thinks I may be eating too much fruit. I typically eat some with each meal. She said my glycemic index might be too high. I occasionally eat cereal for breakfast, a sandwich with whole-grain bread for lunch. No carbohydrates for dinner. What do you think? Thanks. By the way, I exercise A LOT.

Congratulations on your success! The last five pounds can be the hardest. Your body may be comfortable with your current weight. I don't believe you are eating too much fruit. Eating some with each meal is a great way to get the number of servings you need for good health.

My thoughts lean more toward changing your exercise routine. I'm not sure what you do, but maybe taking a longer walk, alternate the type of exercise you do. If you always walk the same route, switch to another. These things may help with you if you are experiencing a plateau.

You may want to be sure you are eating enough calories, too. I would go ahead and eat 2-3 carbohydrate servings for dinner and see what happens.

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