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I only eat my morning yogurt, maybe a banana, a Lean-Cuisine-type meal for lunch, one cup of coffee with cream and then nothing else until dinner. The last several days I have been somewhat dizzy and have a constant sweet, creamy taste in my mouth, even if its after eating something spicy. I tested my blood before dinner last night and it was 90. One hour after it was 125. Nothing more to eat or drink (aside from water) and I tested it again in the morning and it was 100. Still, this sweet taste is making me nuts. My doctor ordered fasting blood work, but it won’t be until Monday. Now I am nervous to eat the small celebratory Easter bunny I got myself. Should I be?

It’s OK to eat the bunny if you choose. One indulgence isn’t significant, even if there is a health concern. Discuss having an A1c done when you see the doctor so you can quit worrying. It will reflect your average blood glucose values over the past few months. All of your glucose readings were in range, with one possible exception. Blood glucose should be less than 100 if you truly had no calories for 8 hours prior to the reading. I know of no explanation for the taste in your mouth. Please consult your doctor.

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