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Answers from the BJC Experts

Ask the BJC Expert allows you to get the answers you need about a variety of health, medicine and exercise issues to help you live a more healthy life.

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About a year ago I modified my diet and added an intense daily exercise program to lose 100 pounds. I have dropped 50 pounds but for the last few months, have neither lost nor gained. How can I break this plateau?

Congratulations on your success! To break a plateau, change your exercise routine. If you walk, take a different route, or maybe cut back on the intensity. Regarding your diet, you want to be sure you are getting plenty of calories. Sometimes people don't eat enough, and that slows their metabolism. If you are eating a heavier evening meal, move the heavier meal to lunch. These are some basic tips. I would suggest you see a dietitian who can help you.

Nutrition counseling services are available at several BJC facilities including:

BJC dietitians also can be located by calling Help For Your Health at 314.747.7234.

If you live outside the BJC HealthCare service area, you can find a nearby registered dietitian at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website.

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