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I need tips on eating and nutrition for my 21-month-old. She only likes applesauce and baby food fruits. She loves cheese and broccoli and pastas. Can I make these more nutritious?

There is a common "picky-eater" phase in many toddlers. Your little one likes fruits, which is good. And cheese, broccoli and pasta are good sources of nutrients. These foods are already nutrient-filled (calcium, vitamins and carbs for energy), so you are on the right track. Add tomato sauce to the pasta, maybe add some chopped carrots to the sauce. Macaroni and cheese is already a good source of protein and calcium.

It sounds like she is doing fine. Here are some ideas to help: offer three small meals and two to three snacks. Remember children portion sizes are smaller. Offer food she likes, but don't force her to eat. Be sure to offer a variety of foods, fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Try to introduce a new food along with those she will eat. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Choose My Plate website offer more good hints and information.

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