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I am on 1000mg of metformin twice daily for PCOS and pre-diabetes. Lately my fasting glucose levels are 118-130 and my 2hr pp reading are around 140. Some days they range from 140 to 200. All doctors say that there is no need to worry because I am not diabetic yet. Is this not causing damage to my body? Should I not be concerned, I have a family history of diabetes and want to be proactive rather than just sit back and wait.

Your doctor is correct — your blood glucose is in a good range. Fasting blood glucose goals for most individuals is <130 mg/dL.  Two hour post prandial glucose goals are typically <180 mg/dL. Keep a record of your numbers, and notify your doctor if you have several readings out of range. Moderate exercise after the largest meal of the day is helpful in bringing down glucose. Eating habits play a role also.

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