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How is egg substitute made? Also, I had a recipe that called for a fertile egg. What’s that?

Egg substitutes consist of egg whites; starch, tofu or artificial flavoring maybe added for consistency, thickening and flavor. Egg substitutes don't have cholesterol, since the yolk is not used. This can be helpful for people watching their cholesterol.

Fertile eggs are eggs that can be incubated to produce a chick. The hens are regularly exposed to roosters. There is no difference in the nutrient value of fertile eggs compared to regular eggs. Fertile eggs tend to cost more, and they don't stay fresh as long. Some people prefer fertile eggs such as these and what are referred to as free-range eggs, where the hens that produce the eggs are not confined.

Using regular eggs vs. fertile eggs should not affect the quality of a recipe. Some people who follow vegetarian diets, for example, may use fertile or free-range eggs for ethical reasons.

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