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There is such a risk (especially to men) of coronary heart disease as related to diet. How do we solve this?

If we could convince everyone to eat more whole grains, fruits and vegetables; and less added fat and sweets, this would help a great deal. Plus one cannot overlook the role of activity in a healthy lifestyle. If we could outlaw fast-food restaurants, have restaurants pay a penalty for serving high-fat food, police everyone's kitchen and grocery shopping, that would be one thing, but that would be impossible and not a society we would desire.

It's really up to professionals to keep educating about the risk factors for coronary disease and provide the resources that everyone needs to make sound nutrition decisions. Then, it's up to the individual. Many aren't willing to make changes no matter how much they hear about the risks. Yet as a nation, we have been taking positive steps as we become aware of the importance of nutrition in preventing/reducing chronic disease conditions. Schools are addressing these issues, plus many restaurants offer healthy choices. Many elements are involved in this solution.

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