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Answers from the BJC Experts

Ask the BJC Expert allows you to get the answers you need about a variety of health, medicine and exercise issues to help you live a more healthy life.

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I just had my cholesterol checked, and my triglycerides went up to 154. Normally they are in the 90 range. Why the change?

I would suggest you discuss that with your physician. Normal triglycerides are less than 150 mg/dL.

Have you gained weight recently, or have you decreased your activity level? Look at your diet, and see if there are some changes you need to make. Follow a heart-healthy diet eating more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat and low-fat dairy products.

Triglycerides can be affected by high-fat diets and sweets, so limit cakes, candy, regular soda and fried foods. Use less fat such as sour cream and cream cheese. Go with other fats like nuts, and olive and canola oils. And keep portions small.

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