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My last HgbA1c was 6.4. About twice a week my after-dinner glucose is 200. The other five times, two hours after dinner, it is 150-160. Will this raise my HgbA1c past 7?

When you have an HgbA1c under 7.3 percent, postprandial numbers have approximately 30 percent weight and fasting 70 percent weight. Blood glucose results from the last few weeks prior to the test are also more heavily weighted. A 6.4 percent reflects an eAG (estimated average glucose) of 137 mg/dl., which is a desired result when you have diabetes.  A 7 percent HgbA1c represents an eAG of 154 mg/dl. So, I think your next HgbA1c reading would be similar, unless fasting glucose levels have significantly increased or something else in your self care has changed.

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