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Answers from the BJC Experts

Ask the BJC Expert allows you to get the answers you need about a variety of health, medicine and exercise issues to help you live a more healthy life.

Please browse the most recent questions below or use the search the questions feature to see if the answer to your question is already given. If not, please submit a new question for our experts.

I am 50 pounds overweight. I was told to eat four to six small portions a day, take whey protein and exercise three times a week. Will this make me lose weight and improve muscle mass?What is a good exercise program to do if you are about 200 lbs. overweight? I have back and knee problems. I love to bike ride and walk for as long as I can but I need to know how much I should be able to do at first and after that?I need a heart-healthy diet. Not necessarily for weight loss, but to reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol. Weight is not an issue with me, but my diet may become an issue.I’m a vegan but I would like to become a raw food vegan. Any suggestions?We have had several discussions at work on the cost of eating healthy. Many of our employees feel it is more expensive to buy fresh and/or healthier choices than it is to buy less healthy options. Can you offer any tips/resources/examples on how people can shop and eat healthy on a budget?So I'm prescribed Keflex. If I stop taking it half way through, will this Keflex ever work again? Even if I get a new bottle. I have been diagnosed with severe diverticulitis. Research seems to indicate that food is not correlated with problems, but they obviously have not talked to my colon. Need more information.Are there any websites that give a type 2 diabetic on Metformin a good routine? I am struggling with a routine.I have tried Unisom to help me sleep but I still lay awake for hours before I drift off into a light sleep. Any idea why it is not working?Can a 4-year-old who is taking montelukast sod 4 mg take Robitussin DM at the same time?Is it OK to take Robitussin CF Max with Azithromycin tablets?Is it OK to take Robitussin CF Max with Azithromycin tablets?Now that, Binge Eating Disorder, has been recognized as an actual disease, are there any mental health specialist in the BJC community who are treating patients with this disorder?When I take a step with my left leg my knee falls outward as I lower my foot after heel strike. What muscles do I need to exercise to keep my knee straight? I am also having slight upper lateral thigh/hip pain. Not sure if they are related.I am looking for the delicious muhamarra recipe you discussed the other night. I would also like the recipes for the crab cakes, and fig and brie tarts. We are always looking for ways to eat healthy food that is tasty.My BMI, blood sugars, LDL, and HDL are always within normal range but my triglycerides are very high and have been high since my 30's. Doctors have told me to "get this number down" or I am headed for metabolic syndrome/prediabetes. There is no history in my family of Type 2 Diabetes. Why would just triglycerides be so out of whack when everything else is WNL and how can I get it within normal range?I've been smoke-free for a little over a year now. The trade off is that I've gained some weight. When I exercise, I get winded quicker than I used to. What is the best way to gain back some of my lung capacity, so I can better exercise to shed the extra pounds?How can I lower my A1c?I am diabetic and my blood sugar is higher in the mornings (200-250). Can I change when I take my medicine; instead of taking 500mg metformin in morning and 500mg metformin at night, can I take both pills in the evening?I have been following the Glycemic Index/Glycemic Load diet and have been able to bring my A1C down to 6.1. I was on multiple oral agents and was told I would have had to go on Insulin so I am happy with the results. I also lost a lot of weight following this diet (that was not the goal, but a happy side effect). My question is, It is difficult to find a "Source of Truth" about This Diet and have found conflicting information at times. Is there a reputable source or two I can reference?The majority of my weight settles in my abdominal area resulting in my being an apple shape. I’m 154 pounds at 5’2”, so I’m a little overweight. I do sit-ups, crunches, roller skate and walk for exercise. I lose weight everywhere else but in my abdominal area. What foods can I decrease so the fat doesn’t settle in this area, and what foods can I increase that don’t settle there?How many milliliters of promethazine plain syrup can I give my 68 lbs child that's having a runny nose, watery eyes and cough that's caused from a nasal drip?Can I take Welbutrin and Chantix at the same time. I take Welbutrin for depression, but am trying to stop smoking also. If they are compatible, I would like to ask my Dr. for the Chantix. Thanks.I often eat a lot of fats. I look two months pregnant. How do I get my figure back?I think the glycemic index may have a lot to do with eating right and getting healthy. What recommendations can you give to help a layperson understand it?I have stopped eating meat. I know there is protein in peanut butter and beans. What else? What about the fat in peanut butter?What is the diabetic diet?This is my second year of not smoking, and I have gained a lot of weight. I am a 38-year-old divorced, full-time worker and full-time student. I don’t take the time to cook; I don’t like to cook, so I make things simple: salads, sandwiches, popcorn and of course lots of sweets. I’m not a big vegetable fan or a meat-eater. I have no self-discipline. What do you suggest?My husband and I really want to lose weight. I think our problem is portion control and eating out frequently. How do we get started? Our metabolism has changed extremely. I’m 30, weigh 184.4 and am 5’6”; my husband is 31, weighs 224 and is 6’2”.I am a 5’4” 109-pound 17-year-old. I exercise at least 2 hours daily. I have been taking in less than 1,000 calories, but I want to increase so that I maintain my weight. How much should I be eating and how?When my glucose levels are too high or too low, what foods should I eat to regulate it?I work the night shift and want to know a healthy eating schedule.About a year ago I modified my diet and added an intense daily exercise program to lose 100 pounds. I have dropped 50 pounds but for the last few months, have neither lost nor gained. How can I break this plateau?I work night shift. I’m trying to lose weight, but I use food to keep me up. What can I eat for dinner at night or should I eat at night?I have been on a low-fat diet for eight months and have lost 45 pounds, but now have hit a plateau. What can I do? I walk for exercise.I have been a vegetarian for 10 years yet my cholesterol is 246 (HDL= 58). My father has heart disease in his family and my mother has high triglycerides. Are these factors the culprits? What can I do?How can a person find out the right amount of calories to eat? I’m trying to eat healthy, but I’m not losing any weight. If anything, I’ve gained!The only diet I’ve ever had success with is Atkin’s. I remarked to my doctor that the Atkin’s diet must be similar to the diabetes diet, since both restrict carbohydrates. He said if I think they’re similar, I don’t know anything about Atkin’s! He’s probably right, but please explain. What are the differences? Is a diabetic diet healthy for people who aren’t diabetic?I have irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea, and need help controlling it with my diet.What type of diet/workout plan would you recommend for women who are trying to lose weight? What actually works?I am a Weight Watchers member having a rough time losing my last 100 pounds. I have lost 60 pounds. I work out an hour every other day (treadmill, stair master, stationary bike). The only results I am seeing is better sleep patterns, better breathing and muscle tightening. I eat 1 cup of prepared oatmeal for breakfast, a Weight Watchers or Healthy Choice meal for lunch along with fruits and vegetables, and 32 ounces of water. I snack on a yogurt on the way home, go work out and come home for dinner. What’s wrong?I’d like to lose a little weight, but am limited in what I can do. I am a disabled person who uses a wheelchair. Suggestions?What is the recommended daily calorie allowance for men and women?I am 24. I weigh 198. I need to lose weight. What will work?How can I raise my “good” (HDL) cholesterol?My husband and I are vegans. What resources could help us find a physician or dietitian more familiar with this lifestyle?My mother was telling me about a GI Diet that cuts out all fresh fruits and includes lots of white breads, pastas and the like. Have you heard of this crazy diet? My father’s friend was recently diagnosed as diabetic and this is a diet he was recommended to follow.My total cholesterol is 240. Is it really over that much to worry about?I’m looking for a dietitian to help me lose weight. Is there someone in the BJC HealthCare system with whom I can meet?If dieting is all a matter of calories in/calories out, where does the slowed metabolism come into effect?Is there a chart to tell you how many calories to consume to maintain a certain weight? Then, you would know how many calories to reduce in order to lose weight.My doctor has advised me to increase my iron intake. I could take a supplement, but would prefer to increase it through dietary intake. What do you recommend? I hate liver!I lost 20 pounds before my daughter was born last year. I have since maintained that weight loss, but would like to shed an extra 60 pounds. I am not fond of sweets or meat, but am finding it difficult to lose the extra weight. Please suggest a diet other than Atkin’s, because I can’t stand that much meat, and can’t live without whole wheat bagels and bread.From the foods offered at BJC, can you make some breakfast, lunch and dinner suggestions that would help me lose weight?I have Type 2 diabetes (on oral glucophage) and Celiac disease. I am having difficulty finding a diet appropriate for both diseases.What’s a good, healthy way to stay vegan and still get all my vitamins?If I take 4 lithium pills a day to treat bipolar disorder, can I use any herbal remedies to lose weight?I am taking Synthroid and having a very hard time losing weight. Is there any medication I can take short-term to help with appetite and my slow metabolism? Before I got sick, I could easily lose weight. Now it’s a struggle.How can I see a dietitian for eating healthier or weight management?My training schedule: 5-6 days a week: 50 minutes of cardio with 2-3 days interval training; 2 days a week: 1-hour sessions with trainer, cardio and weight training; 2 days a week: Pilates class. I eat 1,500-1,700 quality calories daily (not junk) and drink 100+ ounces water a day. The scale is not moving much and, in fact, seems to be going up. What’s wrong?What type of diet would you recommend for a woman on the go? I am always out and about and don’t have much time for exercise, although I get quite a bit chasing after my 16-month-old. I don’t even have time for cooking at home, because of the hours I work. I also can’t eat a lot of fast food because I have IBS.I would like to learn more about a diabetic diet, since I have a family member who has diabetes. Is there a way for me to meet with a dietitian or a good resource that you would recommend for this?I’ve been an avid mountain bike rider for 10 years and am also trying to take up running for cross-training. But I’m 40 pounds over my “ideal” weight per all the charts. I’ve been losing and regaining the same 5-10 pounds for months! I typically don’t eat more than 2,000 calories each day and bike or run 4-5 times a week — at least an hour each time. I’m blaming it on what I’m eating, but don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Where do I start? (By the way, I’ve also had thyroid disease for 12 years.)Where can I find a list of food with purine values? I need to reduce the effects of gout.I am 4-1/2 months pregnant and am finding it very difficult to keep anything down. Are there any foods I should be eating to maximize my nutrition while not gaining any weight per my OB’s recommendation since I am already overweight? Meats and whole grains are really hard on me.How many calories would I need to intake to lose quickly? I’m 45, weigh 334 pounds and am 5’8”.What should a 51-year-old man eat? Do you have a nutritional table? How much protein, fat, carbohydrates?What do you think about the 7-Day Diet Program?How can I avoid cravings this time of year? I exercise as much as my schedule allows. I avoid fried or greasy foods, but I constantly crave salty foods, and cookies and cakes. How can I indulge without wrecking my diet? I am trying to lose 60+ pounds.I have been advised to follow a gluten-free diet. I feel as if I am on the Atkin’s regime, but still am having trouble losing weight. I already eat a lot of lean protein, fruits and vegetables.My primary physician advised me to follow a gluten-free diet. What foods are allowed and what are to be avoidedI’m a 23-year-old female with no health problems. I want to lose weight but I’m a busy student with no time to exercise. Can I eat gluten- and dairy-free products? Do they aid in losing weight? Do they cause bloating? I have fat accumulation in my belly and thighs.I have celiac disease and have been gluten-free for eight weeks. I go to the gym four times a week, an exercise class and eat 1,500 calories a day with a balanced diet. I have put on 10 pounds and gained three inches on my stomach area. How can I shift this weight? I have been very active for over 10 years and this is really getting me down. I know that it is a good sign that I have put on weight as my body is now absorbing nutrients, but how do I now get back to my norm?My husband was a recent inpatient at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. He was advised to follow a low-phosphorus, low-potassium diet. However, I have no idea where to find meal plans or recipes to accommodate this diet. I have searched the internet until my vision is blurred. When I find a recipe, it has many of the ingredients that should be avoided. I search the renal diet, but I get recipes with canned soup, gravies, tomatoes or tomato sauce; all of which he should not have.I work for BJC. At an employee health fair I was told I could see a dietitian as one of my benefits. Can you point me in the right direction?I am 55 and weigh 163 pounds. I exercise, but I am having a hard time loosing 15 pounds. Any suggestions?I’m a very skinny 20-year-old girl. I want to gain weight in my legs and hands as they are too thin. Tips?How do I set up nutritional counseling at a BJC facility?I’m 38-year-old, 5-foot-tall female. Have been trying to lose weight for the last three months. Every day I’m on the treadmill for 60 minutes and I’m on 1200 calorie-a-day diet. What am I doing wrong?Should everyone be expected to have the same blood sugar level?I have diabetes and have trouble losing weight. What can I do?What can a person do if they do not eat a lot, but still continue to gain weight — not to mention never sitting down at work all the time.Is there a diet for people on coumadin and what about foods with vitamin K?I was recently diagnosed as fructose intolerant. The resources out there are very inconsistent. I have resorted to eating meat and potatoes with no fruits or veggies because it’s so hard to determine what is OK and what is not. Recommendations?I only eat my morning yogurt, maybe a banana, a Lean-Cuisine-type meal for lunch, one cup of coffee with cream and then nothing else until dinner. The last several days I have been somewhat dizzy and have a constant sweet, creamy taste in my mouth, even if its after eating something spicy. I tested my blood before dinner last night and it was 90. One hour after it was 125. Nothing more to eat or drink (aside from water) and I tested it again in the morning and it was 100. Still, this sweet taste is making me nuts. My doctor ordered fasting blood work, but it won’t be until Monday. Now I am nervous to eat the small celebratory Easter bunny I got myself. Should I be?Can I take Tylenol with Oxycondone?I was just diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus. I am allergic to the medications for it. I am wondering about a diet that I could follow that would be helpful.I have asked my personal pharmacist as well as my doctors but would really like someone to review my drug list for interactions. My pharmacist looks and shakes his head and my doctors tell me we have to try things. I have MS, Spinal Stenosis, Barrett's Esophagus, and bowel disorder. I realize I am a convoluted mess but I think some medications may also be interacting with one another badly. Here is my list any feedback would be appreciated. Thank You. Copaxone-1x daily Gabapentin/Neurontin 600MG 2 Caplets 3xs a day cyclobenzapr/Flexiril 10MG tabs 3x a day Meclizine 25MG 1 tab every 6 to 8 hours as needed Lasix 20MG tabs 1x a day Dexilant 60MG 2x a day Claritin 10MG tabs 1x a day Ampyra 10MG tabs 2x a day Murilax 1 dose 3x a day Benicar 40MG tabs 1x a day Simvastatin 20MG tabs 1x a day Topamax 50mg 1 Tab bedtime Wellbutrin 300MG XL1 @ bedtime Lactulose 10GM 2Tbls 2x a day Linzess 290mcg 1x a day Stool softener exlaxative 2x a day Magnesium Citrate 1bottle every 3 days as needed TRAMADOL 50mg tab every 6 hrs. Walgreens Sleep Aid Arbaclofen 20mg 2xs daily (Drug Study) B-12 2000 mcg 1x a day Biotin 10000 Mcg 1x a day Aspirin 81m 1x a day Vitamin D 5000 iu 2x a day Vitamin B-12 Fast Dissolve 5000MCG 1 a day Conzyme B Complex 1 a day Co Q10 50mg 1 a day Calcium w/ Vit. D 600mg 2 a day Nexium 40 mg 2 a day I have asked my personal pharmacist as well as my doctors but would really like someone to review my drug list for interactions. My pharmacist looks and shakes his head and my doctors tell me we have to try things. I have MS, Spinal Stenosis, Barrett's Esophagus, and bowel disorder. I realize I am a convoluted mess but I think some medications may also be interacting with one another badly. Here is my list any feedback would be appreciated. Thank You. Copaxone-1x daily Gabapentin/Neurontin 600MG 2 Caplets 3xs a day cyclobenzapr/Flexiril 10MG tabs 3x a day Meclizine 25MG 1 tab every 6 to 8 hours as needed Lasix 20MG tabs 1x a day Dexilant 60MG 2x a day Claritin 10MG tabs 1x a day Ampyra 10MG tabs 2x a day Murilax 1 dose 3x a day Benicar 40MG tabs 1x a day Simvastatin 20MG tabs 1x a day Topamax 50mg 1 Tab bedtime Wellbutrin 300MG XL1 @ bedtime Lactulose 10GM 2Tbls 2x a day Linzess 290mcg 1x a day Stool softener exlaxative 2x a day Magnesium Citrate 1bottle every 3 days as needed TRAMADOL 50mg tab every 6 hrs. Walgreens Sleep Aid Arbaclofen 20mg 2xs daily (Drug Study) B-12 2000 mcg 1x a day Biotin 10000 Mcg 1x a day Aspirin 81m 1x a day Vitamin D 5000 iu 2x a day Vitamin B-12 Fast Dissolve 5000MCG 1 a day Conzyme B Complex 1 a day Co Q10 50mg 1 a day Calcium w/ Vit. D 600mg 2 a day Nexium 40 mg 2 a day I have asked my personal pharmacist as well as my doctors but would really like someone to review my drug list for interactions. My pharmacist looks and shakes his head and my doctors tell me we have to try things. I have MS, Spinal Stenosis, Barrett's Esophagus, and bowel disorder. I realize I am a convoluted mess but I think some medications may also be interacting with one another badly. Here is my list any feedback would be appreciated. Thank You. Copaxone-1x daily Gabapentin/Neurontin 600MG 2 Caplets 3xs a day cyclobenzapr/Flexiril 10MG tabs 3x a day Meclizine 25MG 1 tab every 6 to 8 hours as needed Lasix 20MG tabs 1x a day Dexilant 60MG 2x a day Claritin 10MG tabs 1x a day Ampyra 10MG tabs 2x a day Murilax 1 dose 3x a day Benicar 40MG tabs 1x a day Simvastatin 20MG tabs 1x a day Topamax 50mg 1 Tab bedtime Wellbutrin 300MG XL1 @ bedtime Lactulose 10GM 2Tbls 2x a day Linzess 290mcg 1x a day Stool softener exlaxative 2x a day Magnesium Citrate 1bottle every 3 days as needed TRAMADOL 50mg tab every 6 hrs. Walgreens Sleep Aid Arbaclofen 20mg 2xs daily (Drug Study) B-12 2000 mcg 1x a day Biotin 10000 Mcg 1x a day Aspirin 81m 1x a day Vitamin D 5000 iu 2x a day Vitamin B-12 Fast Dissolve 5000MCG 1 a day Conzyme B Complex 1 a day Co Q10 50mg 1 a day Calcium w/ Vit. D 600mg 2 a day Nexium 40 mg 2 a day Can I take Azithromycin with Promethazine DM?Can I take Azithromycin with Promethazine DM?Can I give my 15 month old Tylenol for his fever, cetirizine for stuffy nose and azithromycin for antibiotic all together?Can I give my 15 month old Tylenol for his fever, cetirizine for stuffy nose and azithromycin for antibiotic all together?Is it ok to take azithromycin if they got left in the car in the heat for a few days?Is it ok to take azithromycin if they got left in the car in the heat for a few days?My 4 year old son who weighs 43 lbs has an ear infection. How much amoxicillin 125 mg per 5 ml should I give him? And how often?My 4 year old son who weighs 43 lbs has an ear infection. How much amoxicillin 125 mg per 5 ml should I give him? And how often?Can you take Benadryl D while taking amoxicillin?Can you take Benadryl D while taking amoxicillin?These are the medications I am currently on: Norco, amoxicillin and Adipex. Is it safe to take all of these meds together?These are the medications I am currently on: Norco, amoxicillin and Adipex. Is it safe to take all of these meds together?Can I take lisinopril, hydrochlorizide, with Augmentin?Can I take lisinopril, hydrochlorizide, with Augmentin?Can you take Aleve in the morning and Tylenol in the afternoon?Working the night shift and taking daily meds, would you consider taking your meds when you get ready for your night shift, or would you take them in the a.m. before you go to sleep in the daytime, since your day really gets started in the evening?Can 8 year old take Zyrtec, Orapred, and Triaminic Cold and Cough together?Can I take methotrexate with seroquel? My son is two months and was prescribed albuterol for a cold uses up to 4/6 times a day but its making him tremor. What should I do??Can I take diet pills while taking prednisone?I took some Cold and Flu medicine about 8 hours ago. Can a take a Benadryl now?My 3 yr old has been taking prednisone and albuterol. Is giving both these meds every 3-4 hours too much?CVS was no longer a preferred provider so we switched to Publix. My husband takes citalopram and bupropion for anxiety. Everything was great at CVS but about 3 weeks into the Publix prescriptions he showed absolutely no desire for sex. It was never like this before and the only thing we can attribute it to is different brand of generic meds. Is this possible? Please help, we need our sex life back!My 2 year old was prescribed, by her pediatrician, Robitussin for her cough to take at night. She also takes Singular, Zyrtec, and Dimetapp elixir at night time, which were prescribed for allergies. I was just wondering if these were all okay to take together? Wanting to know before I start Robitussin.I have been taking Allegra D 12 hour for a couple of days. I usually take it about 9 or 10 in the morning. Would it be alright to take the Benadryl at 8-9 in the evening? That's just an hour to two before the 12 hours.Is it safe for my nine year old to take ondansetron HCL 4mg tablet for her vomiting?I gave my son expired cetirizine of 2012 by mistake. What is the consequences?My husband is allergic to aspirin, can he take promethazine 25 mg for vomiting?I took 10 mg of Loratadine about 6 hours ago would it be safe to take 50 mg of diphenhydramine now?I am currently on 50mlg of Zoloft daily. I have a bad cold with a cough. My doctor prescribed Bromfed DM to take. I am a 26 year old female; blood pressure stays around 120/81. Is it safe to take Bromfed with my Zoloft and if I were to mix the two what would be the side effects?Hello, my son had a stomach virus 2 weeks ago. We have been to Dr. twice (first time regarding sinus issue 4 days after initial stomach virus and second visit regarding extremely watery diarrhea 13 days after initial tummy issue). Today diarrhea was persistent and so I went to pharmacy for advice. I was advised .6 ml of Imodium once would be ok. Your opinion? Lastly, I gave it to 7 month old 16 lbs. I am worried it will hurt him.My son weighs 55 lbs. How much adult Tylenol pills can I give him?What is the recommended dose of Intuniv for a 13-year-old boy who weighs 105 pounds?Can I take Delsym with phentermine?I have been taking Mucinex D for 5 days and my last dose was 10 hours ago. How long do I need to wait if I want to switch to NyQuil Cold and Flu?OK to take loratadine 10mg and dextromethoriphan 30mg?Can I take acetaminophen with Xarelto? Looking for a cold medicine.Can I give my 4.5 year old any dosage of Children's Mucinex multi-symptom cold and fever even though it says not to give to anyone under six?My son is a 16 year old boy he has TOF (tetralogy of Fallot) and PA (pulmonary atresia). He has had 4 open hearts has a central shunt. Between shunt and now, [he] has his second Hancock valve conduit in. The only medication he is currently on is a 10mg dose of lisinopril once a day. He is not sleeping and it is wearing him down. Is there a safe OTC sleep aid that he can take?Can I take Allegra D and Benadryl D at the same time?Can pseudoephedrine cause a rise in blood sugar in normal adult?What medications CANNOT be taken while taking Levaquin? I will be on levaquin for approximately 4 months, along with DoxycyclineWill my daily dose of aspirin conflict with Tylenol Sinus and Allergy medication?In the past I have used Phentermine 37.5mg for weight loss, which worked very well. But now I currently have high blood pressure, which is controlled by taking Amlodipine 5mg & Metoprolol ER 50mg. And only other health concern is a 2 mm L-carotid artery. Is it safe to still take Phentermine? I accidentally gave my 4 year old 1 1/2 teaspoon of Bromfed DM instead of 1/2 teaspoon. What should I do? Will he be ok?I am currently taking Tegretol 600mg, Lamictal 25mg, Zoloft 150mg, Bactrim and Vistaril 25mg. I am having pain in my stomach, nausea, dark runny stools, belching and gas, dizziness and a heavy chest. Is this because of the meds or something else? Are these meds ok to take together?My 4 month 16.5 pound son has RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). His pediatrician told me to give him 1 ml of plain guaifenesin. I'm scared to give it to him. Is it ok to give him? I gave my 18 month old son just under a tsp of Claritin for allergies this morning. 12 hours later I gave him the Singular his doctor prescribed. Is that okay?Can I take the supplement SAM-e and Benadryl?What types of meds have (pseudoephedrine) in them?Can I take CVS naproxen sodium that expired 06/2013?Is it ok to give my 5 year old daughter cetirizine and cold/cough dm elixir?My 12 year old took a full dose of 2 tbs of Tylenol Multi Symptom Severe and 1 tbs of DayQuil. Are there immediate interactions to worry about or an overdose of acetaminophen?What can happen if my 2 year old ate half of meclizine hci 25 mg?Does Mirapex and Prozac interact? Can they be taken simultaneously ?Can you take cephalexin 500 mg and Rynatan at the same time? Cephalexin given for upper respiratory infection. Rynatan was given for sinus at an earlier date and didn't know if they could be used at the same time.Can I take Chantix with Toprol?I took two 10 mg pills instead of one of phenylephrine HCI, my regular Sudaphed was "take 2 every 4-6 hours" and these are take one and they look just the same, will I be ok?Can my 8-year-old take Bromfed DM syrup and Zyrtec 10 mg tab if he takes Concerta 18 mg tab daily?Can I give my 11 year old child Mucinex liquid if she takes Singular?Can I give my son Tylenol and Tussin-DM at the same time? He had a cough but now has a low grade fever.Can I take Advil Cold and Sinus with Cheratussin AC?Does Mucinex contain any sulfa drugs? I am allergic to those.Can Dulcolax and HCTZ be taken together safely?Is it okay to mix acetaminophen and 10mg of adderall? What kind of laxative can you take while on predinsone?I am taking Suphedrine PE can i also take loratadine I took a 5/500mg of Vicodin which expired in 2009 what are my risks?I am on Claritin 24-hour and metformin, medroxyprogesterone, one a day women's multi, ibuprofen when needed, vit c and an albuterol inhaler, stool softer and was wondering if any of those I could not take with NyQuil and DayQuil.Hi, I'm taking simvastatin 40mg can I also take phentermine 37.5mg? My BMI is 40. I'm 53 years old.Can I take panadol cold and flu while on Neoclarityn?Can I take prednisone, antibiotics, and bromfed dm at the same time?My 100 lb, 8 year old son took 10mg of Singulair by mistake when he is prescribed 5mg. Will he be okay?I took Claritin 24-hour at about 6:45 p.m. Is it okay to take Lunesta for sleep tonight?Can I take Advil and Alka-Seltzer Plus?Can I take Diabetic Tussin with high blood pressure Rx Norvasc (10mg) and sertraline 25mg together at night?Can a Phentermine 35.7mg tab be taken at 12 a.m. and again at 9 a.m. without any harmful effects?I have been taking Effexor xr 150mg, Ziac 2.5/6.25, and also pramipexole .25 mg. each of these is a qd dose. I have concerns that these drugs should not all be taken together as it seems they cause symptoms/side effects?My son is 13 years old and weighs 170, I just learned after giving him two aspirins that its not safe for kids. He is recovering from the flu and complained of soreness in his neck and throat before giving him the aspirin. I gave it to him for pain. I'm very worried.My daughter has had her tonsils removed; the pain killers that has been subscribed are codeine, ibuprofen and paracetamol. Last night I give her the correct dosage of codeine, but I accidentally have her the 10ml of Ibuprofen thinking it was paracetamol I gave her a drink after taking ibuprofen. This morning she woke up being sick and shakey. Would it harm her? Can you take 15 mg cyclobenzaprine and 75 mg diclofenac together?Can I take Tylenol cold nighttime with methylprednisolone I'm on warfarin and have the flu what can I take?How long can liquid Children Tylenol be kept after opening?I had a heart attack a year ago and have been on Effient 10mg daily ever since. Is there an antidepressant that is safe to take while taking Effient?I have cold and I'm taking lisinopril in the morning and simvastatin at night with 81mg aspirin as my regular medication. Can I take Vicks Nyquil?Can I take ibuprofen short term for tooth pain while on lipitor?Can I take Allegra and Tylenol Sinus together?I gave my grandson, who is 2 years old, half teaspoon of Bendryl and then a teaspoon.Can I take Aleve D while taking metoprolol?Can I take Biaxin and Buscopan together?Can I take Benadryl, Prednisone, and Motrin IB 200mg?I took ibprophen, Adipex, and Zoloft. Is that ok?Will eating an orange and taking my Norco make me sick?Can I take cipro & flexril or do they interact? Can Glimepiride be taken with Coumadin?Could I give lortuss to my 6 month old baby she has a cough?I take Cellcept for kidney disease. Can I take Benedryl for sudden case of hives?Can i take Zoloft with Torpol XL?I gave my 8 years old, 75 lbs son 10 ml of Dimetapp multi cold symptoms. Can i give him children's Claritin?What if we gave too much Motrin. 400 mg at 6:30 pm and 800 mg at 10:00 pm. He is 14 and 111 pounds?Will the B2 vitamin (riboflavin), Vimpat, Singulair and Zyrtec show up in a drug screen? It is safe to give a 79 year old lady 10 mg montelukast. She weight about 50 pounds. Thanks for your answer. Can I take triamcinolone, Zyrtec, clarithromy, and ibuprofen together?I gave my 3 ½ year old loratadine and then realized she was also coughing and had a fever before I could take it away it was gone. I gave her a multi-symptom cold medicine and now I am afraid that they should not have been combined.Can Armour Thyroid, levothyroxine, metformin, phentermine, Cymbalta, and crestor be taken together?Can i take loratadine tablets 10 mg with Unisom sleeping aid sleep gels?I took a Xanax .25mg and a Lexapro 10 mg at the same time. What are the effects?How long is diphenhydramine stable after opening the bottle? Or how long can it be kept after opening (not talking about how long can I use diphenhydramine)?I was recently prescribed neurontin 100 mg 2-4 times per day. 3 questions: does this have a cumulative effect? And could I take xanax as needed while on the neurontin? Or should I skip nighttime neurontin dose if I'm going to take xanax next day?On warfarin. Hard stool. I take lactulose. Is it OK to take liquid paraffin?Can I take Tylenol PM with MethylPrednisolone 4mg dose pack?My daughter is five months and has had a cough for months and I was told a ¼ of a tsp of Dimetapp was fine because she has no fever but now she is fussy, running nose and sneezing. What do I do?My 14-month-old, 23 lb son took 2.5 tbsp of prednisone and he's only suppose to take 3ml, is he going to be ok or do I seek medical help?I accidentally gave my 28 month old, 35 lbs child 5 ml of Bromfed instead of the 2.5 ml that was prescribed for him, will he be ok? He has then eaten and had milk and water and seems ok.Any problem with taking a 5mg Ambien and 1mg Ativan tonight before a surgical procedure tomorrow?If I switch from Wellburtrin SR to Adderall (regular release), or vice-versa- how long should I wait for clearance before starting the other?Can I give my 8 year old son Tylenol for fever if he takes concerta for ADHD. He weighs 50 lbs.Does hydrocodone/acetaminophen cause low blood sugar?I gave my 4-year-old a Pepcid 20mg by mistake. Do I have to take him to the emergency room?Can i take 500mg ibuprofen with fluconazole tablet?Can I take Zicam nasal gel and Alka Seltzer cold with levothyroxine, generic Lexapro and irbasartan for blood pressure? What are clindamycin drug interactions?Can I give my 8 year old son who weighs 107 pounds Mucinex D or Sudafed for sinus congestion? The children's medicine does not seem to work on him.Can I take Bactrim with Advil Cold and Sinus? I have a sinus infection.What is zxyza?Can I take a cold medication like Tylenol Cold while taking nifedipine and HCTZ? I have a very congested nose and sinus headache. I do have high blood pressure. Can I take Coricidin HBP and loratadine together? The loratadine does not seem to be helping my congestion.I have hydrasense ultra gentle for baby it expired 2013/01 is it still ok to use?I gave my grandson 1 tsp of child ibuprofen 1-½ hr. ago. Can I give him his child cold and cough medicine now?Is it safe to give a 6 month old zzzQuil to help her sleep when she cranky?I am taking Zoloft 75 mg once daily and Wellbutrin 100 mg twice daily and 2mg of ativan at bed time. What OTC medicine can I use for sinus congestion, pressure, and headache?What are the OTC drugs interactions for digoxin?My son is 18 months old. His doctor prescribed albuterol they gave him a dosage of 2.5ml/3ml is this correct? His other dosage before was much smaller. I compared it to a prescription of albuterol that was given to me and it's the same dosage. Is his dosage correct or did they make a mistake?Can cetirizine be taken with trazodone, phentermine and atorvastatin?Can I take I benzonatate 100 MG with 1 teaspoon hydrocodone-chlorpheniram.I accidentally gave my 31-month son 3ml of family wellness nighttime cold & flu multi symptom relief instead of his cough medicine. Should I take him to the emergency. (He weighs about 27-30lbs)I have a 4 year old with a nasty cough. She has asthma and I wanted to know if it's safe to give her her inhaler after giving her Tylenol?I accidentally gave my 3-month-old 5cc of chlorpheniramine syrup once. Is it safe? When I broil burgers or steaks indoors in the winter, it's just not the same as the grill. What can I do to capture that just-off-the-grill flavor?I learned to make mashed potatoes from my Mom, using milk and lots of butter. I know that's not the healthiest way, so what else can I do?Being new to this area, I don't know much about barbecue, but our local friends frequently invite us out to eat at barbecue joints. What is a healthy (not fatty) cut of beef or pork to order? I'm pretty sure "ribs" is not the answer!What can I do to make sure my 15-month-old is eating the right foods? She loves to eat, but still is very picky. She doesn't like meat unless it is in baby food dinners.I am not particularly fond of vegetables but find that they help fill me up without adding many calories, which is a big plus in my weight losing efforts. Can you suggest ways to "spark up" the appeal of vegetables and how to prepare them without losing the nutritional value? Also what seasonings work well with veggies?I need to eat more fish, but I don't know how or where to get fresh fish or what I should look for to make sure it's fresh. What are some of your favorite ways to cook fish?There are many recipes that use yogurt for sauces and as an ingredient to make food lower in fat. I am allergic to yogurt. What can I substitute?What are good fats and bad fats?What are good fats and bad fats?How can I sneak fiber into my 2-year-old's diet? She is not allowed to eat nuts or processed meats like hot dogs, vienna sausages or bologna.How can I sneak fiber into my 2-year-old's diet? She is not allowed to eat nuts or processed meats like hot dogs, vienna sausages or bologna.What does vitamin B12 do?What does vitamin B12 do?For health reasons, I'm trying to eat more fish, but then I think of mercury. Should I be concerned? Is one fish better than another in terms of mercury retention? Where should I get my fish?What are bison burgers? Are they nutritionally better than hamburgers?Where can you find bison without going to a fancy store?I need a recipe for oatmeal cookies that contains no butter or shortening. I have to lower my LDL (bad cholesterol) — and oatmeal and oat bran are good, but I'm unable to use butter or shortening.How can I prepare steak and not grill it?I really like the Marinara Sauce at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. Can I get the recipe?What kind of oil should I use for cooking?How many calories are in skirt steak?Is natural brown sugar safe for someone to eat who has an allergy to white granulated sugar?Do you have a recipe for fish (such as orange roughy or whitefish) that is quick, easy and does not taste like fish?Do you have any sugar-free dessert recipes that still taste like they are special for the holidays?What kind of oil do you use in the Monster Cookie recipe?How long should I cook a fully cooked bone-in smoked ham that weighs about 8 pounds?Does your nose really affect the taste of your food?Does roasting garlic diminish its nutritional value?Is there any kind of muffin or cake you can cook without flour and sugar?What are some good cheap cuts of beef for steaks that would also be good on the grill?What do I look for when looking for flank steak? Under what name is it called?How much fiber is in a Weis Raisin Bran Monster Muffin?I have celiac disease and would like to make my own high-protein shakes. I have had problems with pre-made and powder shakes, so I need to focus on at-home recipes. What help can you offer?What are the eight months you're allowed to eat fresh oysters without getting a stomachache?What is the best oil to use in high-heat cooking?How long do you cook one pound of orange roughy in the oven?How many calories in a barbecued beef ribIs orange roughy a good fish to eat?What’s the best oil for cooking and baking?My recipe calls for baking parchment. Can I use grease-proof paper or baking paper instead?How many calories are in a cup of sugar?Is sautéed shrimp paste bad for pregnant women?What are the health effects of shrimp paste?Is it harmful to reuse cooking oil?How many calories are in a foot-long tuna Subway grinder with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers?Tuna in water and tuna in olive oil — which is healthier and why?How many calories are in a corn meal muffin from your cafeteria?Do you have a recipe for sweet German pancakes? I remember them from when I was little. They were thin like crepes, but very sweet. I remember mixing them by hand with eggs, sugar, milk and very little flour. We filled them with preserves.Can you give me a good redfish recipe?We ate out recently. We were both sick by the time we got home and had pain in our abdomen. We wondered if the oil they used for the shrimp, cheese sticks and french fries, onion rings, chicken strips was changed ever.How many calories are in pina colada monster muffins?How many calories are in burnt ends?How much sodium is in deli honey mustard chicken salad?What is the Paleo recipe craze? Is it healthy?What are the four ways a chef can control vitamins concentration and retention through careful food preparation?I weigh 360 pounds. If I work out on my elliptical twice a day — an hour each time — how much weight will I lose in two weeks?I am a 30-year-old female. Is it normal to have a heart rate of 168-169 during exercise? I need to lose about 50-70 pounds. I don’t know how to get rid of my belly bulge.Would Tabata be suitable for a 61-year-old female?I weigh 158.2 pounds but I want to be at 140 by October 20, 2012, and today is August 20, 2012. Is this realistic?I have spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis. Would I be wiser to have physical therapy or work with a 24-Hour Fitness trainer?I am an active man walking 10,000 steps a day. My doctor recommended I wear weights on my ankles to get a strength training workout. How much weight do I need to wear?I am 56, 137 pounds and menopausal. Is it still possible to lose some weight and firm and tone from the waist-down?I weigh 300 pounds and am just starting to exercise. When I do, my heart rate goes to 175. Should I be worried?There’s a BowFlex TreadClimber that supposedly burns 3.5 times more calories than a treadmill. Should I consider replacing my treadmill?What is a normal heart rate for a 185-pound, 30-year-old woman?I am 31, 5 foot 11 inches tall and weigh 88 kgs. I workout six days a week with a combination of weights, cardio and yoga yet don’t understand my weight gain. I gave up sweets, rice and everything possible that can lead to weight gain. Thoughts?I just started using a cross trainer for 70 minutes a day, split into two sessions. I weigh 190 pounds and am on my third day of exercise and eating right. When should I start seeing my weight go down?I am a 43-year-old, 300-pound female. What should my heart rate be for weight loss?A chiropractor recently told me I have osteoarthritis in my spine and to stop lifting. Ten months ago I had gastric bypass surgery and would like to tone up. I lost over 100 pounds. The chiropractor said I should only bench press. Should I stop lifting? I am 88 years-old and weigh 115 pounds. When cycling on the machine what should be my maximum heart rate? How many calories does 45 minutes of physical therapy burn?I am 41 years old and weigh 130 pounds. I really need to tone, especially my midsection on down. What are the best exercises that do not take a lot of time?How does my posture, when using exercise equipment (stepper, elliptical, weights) influence gains achieved from exercise?I have been on medication for high blood pressure for the last five years and have gained at 50 pounds, mostly around my abdomen and upper arms. I tried to watch what I eat and exercise at least 4 days a week for about 30-45mins each day, using a stationary bike, treadmill and upper arm machines (lat press, rowing, chest press). Anything else you can suggest?I’m a 14-year-old girl, and weigh 95 pounds. I love to run, but people always say things like “run twig, run.” Is my weight normal?I was diagnosed with Addison's disease and the doctors put me on a potassium diuretic. I love to work out but vigorous workouts create more potassium. Is there an exercise that is good to do and what are bad exercises? I know an overweight Hispanic male who lifts weights but does not do the incline bench press because it causes his heart rate to go up to 180. This person has diabetes and is on insulin. What would make his heart rate go up so high when doing inclines.I am a 62-year-old male and like the feeling of being bulked up. Is it possible for a guy over 60 to bulk up or counter productive?Will one hour a day on a treadmill help poor leg circulation? I am a 43-year-old woman weighing 190 pounds. I recently started working out, starting with cardio, walking about 3.5 mph. How long a workout should I be doing? Currently it is one hour.I am 44 and recently diagnosed with diabetes. My blood sugar is 122-150 now. In order keep it normal how many calories should I burn per day? I weigh 136 pounds and am 164 cm tall.My son is 13 and playing football. We are doing agilities and weight training. Is it OK to have him wear 2-pound ankle weights for agility training?I know some vegetables have more nutrients than others. So, if I’m trying to get the most out each spoonful for my children, which vegetables should I serve?My doctor told me to follow a low-fat diet. What can I eat?Are avocados and guacamole a healthy choice? When I order a burrito, I skip the cheese and sour cream, and ask for guacamole instead. Also, I order guacamole in place of mayonnaise on sandwiches at the deli. Does it contain what would be called a “healthy oil,” or would I be better off not eating it?I go to Weight Watchers and have done very well. I am now on maintenance, but I want to lose another 5 pounds. My leader thinks I may be eating too much fruit. I typically eat some with each meal. She said my glycemic index might be too high. I occasionally eat cereal for breakfast, a sandwich with whole-grain bread for lunch. No carbohydrates for dinner. What do you think? Thanks. By the way, I exercise A LOT.Is it bad to eat too much peanut butter? I love that honey peanut butter and eat about two tablespoons a day, usually with fruit, but sometimes alone. Will this restrict me from losing body fat?What’s a good amount of fruit and vegetable intake a day?I love to eat frosted wheat. Why is fiber so important to a balanced meal?I have been eating rice, eggs and bacon for breakfast to eliminate bread. Is rice an acceptable alternative?I need tips on eating and nutrition for my 21-month-old. She only likes applesauce and baby food fruits. She loves cheese and broccoli and pastas. Can I make these more nutritious?What is the ideal amount and type of exercise for a 15-year-old?My grandma has diabetes and her feet swell. We just recently found out she can't use heat or ice packs or foot spas to help. What can we use to soothe her feet?What are the rules about drinking water daily, if you want to lose weight? I read somewhere that you should drink so many ounces of water according to your current weight.How is egg substitute made? Also, I had a recipe that called for a fertile egg. What’s that?I need to exercise a lot and was considering a stationary bike. What do you think?I have been making smoothies for breakfast. They are healthy and very portable, and they hold me over until lunchtime. I use all healthy ingredients and include less than a tablespoon of peanut butter for protein. But by the time you add the fruit, the fat-free yogurt, the wheat germ and the peanut butter, they end up packing a lot of calories. What could I change to keep it delicious, but cut some calories?Please explain simple and complex carbohydrates, and give some examples of complex carbs.What are the benefits of flaxseed in my diet?What is the daily allowance of carbohydrates for women?I get frequent UTIs (urinary tract infections). Is there anything besides cranberry juice that may be able to help prevent them? I dislike the acidity in cranberry juice. I’ve tried cranberry pills and drinking extra water.I am 5’4” and weigh 185. How much weight should I lose?Is there a list that tells how many calories are in the food selections in the cafeterias?I have been trying to lose weight for three months, and have dropped only eight pounds on a program of prepackaged food. I’ve also been training to ride in the MS150 since the end of May. What is an appropriate calorie level that will help me lose weight while training? I cycle on flats, rolling hill, inclines and steep hills. I typically ride at least 3-4 times a week for a total of 7-11 hours. On my calories-lost calculator, I am burning more than 1,054 calories each time I ride and sometimes as much as 1,776.Is there a special diet for someone with aorta aneurysm?I don’t have an oven, so I have to fry a lot of foods. What healthier cooking methods can I use on the stovetop?My son’s school district has adopted the Missouri Eat Well guidelines for all aspects of school, including class parties and celebration of children’s birthdays. The criteria calls for each portion size to be less than 200 calories, less than 35 percent fat content and less than 35 percent its weight in sugars. A previous school district policy prohibits anything other than individual, sealed packaging. As the VP of the PTA, I went shopping and cannot find anything that meets this criteria and would still be something the kids would enjoy. The calorie and fat content is not the main problem — sugars are. Even tiny fruit cups exceed this limit. The few things I have seen are cost-prohibitive for classrooms of 25. What ideas do you have?What is the daily recommended amount of almonds I should be eating? I am a 31-year-old man.What do you think about a detox diet — using juice and fresh green vegetables and brown rice?How many calories are in one 12-ounce can of tuna?I noticed a lot of recommendations on eating better, but eating better may not be possible for all. Fruit is not cheap. Leaner meats cost more. So, what can a person do if they have limited means, as most of us do. Most of the BJC exercise places want some kind of money, as well.What is the daily intake allowed for sodium?I have heard lately that high-fructose corn syrup is bad for you. Is that true?There is such a risk (especially to men) of coronary heart disease as related to diet. How do we solve this?Is it safe for me to eat sunflowers seeds every day?I just had my cholesterol checked, and my triglycerides went up to 154. Normally they are in the 90 range. Why the change?Are pork and shrimp bad for our health?Can you get too much protein?What is the daily recommended allowance for fats?What is the daily recommended intake for grains?How many calories in a foot-long whole wheat roast chicken sub with mustard?What is the recommended amount of cheese to eat in a day?My doctor told me not to over-gain in my pregnancy — no more than 15-20 pounds, because I am already overweight. Please help me with some eating tips.Is squash a vegetable or a carbohydrate? What about sweet potatoes?My grown son eats uncooked oatmeal soaked overnight in orange juice. Is that OK? Is the oatmeal as nutritious uncooked as cooked?Is cottonseed oil a good oil choice for everyday use?My schedule is too rushed to eat the fruits and vegetables I should. Can I just take supplements?How many calories are in a can of Glucerna?I love imitation crabmeat with lemon juice and butter. Is this healthy?I have problems with chronic gastritis, which may be an ulcer. I cannot tolerate cheese, in this case low-fat mozzarella. Is it part of the gastric problem? I use lactose-free soy milk and do not drink anything with caffeine. I do not smoke and avoid fats as much as possible.I am a 43-year-old woman and have been trying to lose weight through the Weight Watchers program. I am following the diet closely and exercise daily. I have been on the program 10 weeks and lost 9 lbs. I feel that I should be losing more. Advice?This is my daily pattern: 6 proteins, 4 starches, 3 fruits, 2 veggies, 2 dairy, 2 fats. Sometimes I cannot eat the fourth starch. Can I replace it with a 4-ounce apple, since an apple is a carb? That way I still have 1,200 calories for the day.I’ve heard about the dangers of too much soy in one’s diet, specifically for women with regard to breast health and thyroid conditions. I am a lactose-intolerant vegetarian female, so I drink soy milk and use soy products. Should I cut back? I am otherwise healthy and fit.I’m 23 and weigh 200 pounds. I need to lose fat, especially from my belly.Is there danger in using lots of lemon juice on food? I use lemon juice instead of salt.Everyone in my family has diabetes. Being on a healthy plan and walking an hour a day, can I prevent this from happening to me?My daughter gets her bachelor of science degree in dietetics next year. Why don’t more hospitals like BJC offer dietetic internships? The ADA site only lists four.I have been having problems with my ankles and calves swelling. If I drink a large glass of orange juice every day, the swelling stops, and my ankles and calves are normal size again. If I stop drinking the orange juice, the swelling returns. I have changed nothing else in my diet or exercise routine. Why is drinking the orange juice reducing my swelling?Can I use Glucerna for weight control if I do not have diabetes?I am trying to lose weight. I love to mix 2% milk low-fat cottage cheese and fruit cups. Is this good or bad?For breakfast some mornings, I add two tablespoons of ground flaxseed to a serving of oat bran. Does it make a difference nutritionally if I add the flaxseed before or after I cook the oatmeal — i.e., does cooking the ground flaxseed change its nutritional value?I just lost 20 pounds on a very low-calorie diet and am now am eating more “normally” — 1,200 calories a day. But I’m finding that I’m gaining from .2 to .4 pounds a day. I’m afraid that the weight I’ve lost will creep back on. I exercise at least 4 times a week, including a mix of weight training and cardio. I am a 49-year-old female. Help!Does taking metformin have any contradiction with eating sugar?I have achalasia and am limited in the foods I can eat. How can I get the vegetables I need without having to blend them into a smoothie?I’m looking for the nutrition information for half of a turkey club wrap from the BJC Cafe.What kinds of foods can a person eat who is on coumadin for the rest of their life?I am on Weight Watchers. Can I get the nutrition facts for one slice of pepperoni pizza?I am eating 6 slices of white bread a day with steamed chicken, boiled dal or lentils. Is this too much fat?I need to gain six pounds. I really feel like I’ve over-eaten today and I kind of want to gain it all by next week? I normally exercise but plan not to this week so I can gain weight quicker. Is this a possible goal?I have type 2 diabetes. How can I get back on track? My uncle has type 2 diabetes and has managed it well with diet and exercise. However, the neuropathy in his legs has gotten worse. His falls are more frequent and also more frightening. Suggestions?Is diabetes the reason my arms and legs hurt? I have pain walking, resting and even holding my handbag.Can someone with type 2 diabetes take honey as a cough suppressant?My sugar level is extremely high and I only took 1 amoxicillin. Can this cause a spike like that?Can you take Sudafed PE tablets if you have diabetes? Will it raise your sugar levels?My sugar level is extremely high and I only took 1 amoxicillin. Can this cause a spike like that?Can you take Sudafed PE tablets if you have diabetes? Will it raise your sugar levels?I take metformin three times a day for Type 2 diabetes. I also have high blood pressure and osteoarthritis in my neck and shoulders. My doctor put me on Tylenol four times a day. I believe it is making my blood pressure go up. Can this happen?I currently take four 500mg tablets of metformin a day for diabetes. I recently sprained my back. Can I take Excedrin Back & Body? Can I use the therma patch for my back pain?Can my husband take Tylenol with his diabetes medicines — jnumet 50/1000mg and glyburide/metformin 5/500mg?Does vicodin raise blood sugar?Does hydrocodone affect diabetes?Can I take amoxicillin if I have type 1 diabetes?Can someone with diabetes take loratadine?If I have diabetes, is it safe for me to take naproxen for arthritis pain?I have type 2 diabetes. Can I take a laxative?Can I take Mucinex if I have diabetes?When fasting one to eight hours how long should it take insulin to bring blood sugar back to normal for non-diabetics? For type 2 diabetics, when should insulin bring blood sugar down?I have some expired metformin. Is it still OK to take?What is best for diabetics: aspirin, Excedrin, Aleve or Advil?What is Lantus?Would taking Benadryl raise your blood sugar if you have diabetes?Can I take Aleve or Motrin if I am a diabetic?If I take metformin and glyburide. Is it OK to take AleveI am a type 2 diabetic and taking Amaryl 1mg per day. I currently have 24-7 pain due to a pulled groin muscle, and my readings have gone from the 100s to 195-250 range for the last month or so. Is it OK to take Amaryl 2 times a day instead of once a day?I have diabetes and a herniated disc. What type of pain medication can I take?Can you mix Aleve with ibuprofen?Can I take naproxen for torn rotator cuff pain? My youngest has Down’s Syndrome and type 1 diabetes. Can he take Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold and Fever? Can he take amoxicillin?I took doxycycline and my sugar level dropped to 59. I am tired and sleepy. Why?Can people with type 1 diabetes take loratadine?Can taking Claritin raise blood sugar levelsCan someone with diabetes and on insulin, take Mucinex D?Can a 21-year-old male with type 1 diabetes take diphenhydramine HCI for sleep aid?Is loratidine safe for a patient with diabetes?Can vicodin affect your diabetes?Is OK to take an over-the-counter supplement (Melatonin) to help me sleep. I take metoprolol 12.5 1/2 tabs twice daily.If my glucose level is 137 at bedtime should I take my 1000mg metformin?My A1c has been 5.7, 5.7, 6.0, 5.8 and 5.6. One physician wants me to come off metformin, 250 mg, daily. And another physician says it is only a small dose and continued the prescription. From your point of view, should I try coming off of it?Our 27-year-old son took Tylenol PM last night and today we have been fighting with blood sugars of 28 and 54 and not able to keep it regular. Did that medicine cause this?Can I take Coricidin, citalopram and metformin together?I take metoprolol, pantoprazole and furosemide. Can I take metformin?My mom is 82 and takes glyburide and Tylenol for knee pain for the past four months. Her sugar levels are higher now. Can the Tylenol be affecting her sugar levels? Can you take Aleve if you have diabetes?I was put on Claritin daily because I kept having allergic episodes with blood pressure medications. Will Claritin make glucose and A1c levels go up?Can I take promethazine for nausea if I have type 1 diabetes?Granny has type 1 diabetes and gets two shots a day. If her sugar is 116 before eating and she takes in 34 carbs and no sugars, does she need a shot?What are some good diabetic breakfast cereals?Should diabetes recipes give the exchanges, so I know what I’m eating?If I don’t have any insulin and my blood glucose level is 198, what can I take or eat to bring it down?Would you know of a sharps container drop-off site in St. Louis?What can I take for a headache? My friend has type 2 diabetes and had to go to the Emergency Department due to a poisonous spider bite. His blood glucose was 600. The doctor sent him to the waiting room. Shouldn’t they have treated him right away? I am giving a speech to my classmates on diabetes. Is there anything that you would suggest I say to them?When someone with type 1 diabetes will be eating at least one meal while out, what should they do? Take their kit with them and test and inject insulin in the restroom before eating? Should I be worried if my estimated GFR is 117I need to set up an appointment with a diabetes educator at Missouri Baptist Medical Center. How do I do this?How long after a meal should you check your blood glucose if you’re monitoring for pre-diabetes?If I take a blood sugar level reading after taking metformin will the results be affected?Why do my sugar levels stay low (51-70) in the afternoon?Four months ago my blood glucose level was 116. I cut back on carbs, sugar, and chose whole grain wheat and oats. I exercise 4-5 days weekly. I’m a very fit person. My fasting glucose is now 117. What did I do wrong? Recently I took a three-week course of amoxicillin for an infection in my gums.I am on 1000mg of metformin twice daily for PCOS and pre-diabetes. Lately my fasting glucose levels are 118-130 and my 2hr pp reading are around 140. Some days they range from 140 to 200. All doctors say that there is no need to worry because I am not diabetic yet. Is this not causing damage to my body? Should I not be concerned, I have a family history of diabetes and want to be proactive rather than just sit back and wait.I just bought an Accu-Chek for my friend who is diabetic type 2.  I tested my blood and it showed 116 (it was 4 p.m. and I had breakfast, lunch, fruit and ice cream). Does it mean that I am diabetic?I took a random blood glucose test this morning before breakfast. The result was 116 mg/dl. Do I have diabetes?I have bursitis of the hip, and it is inflamed. Can this cause my blood sugar to rise? My last A1c was 6.9. I am 77. Should I be concerned?My last HgbA1c was 6.4. About twice a week my after-dinner glucose is 200. The other five times, two hours after dinner, it is 150-160. Will this raise my HgbA1c past 7?My mother is 83 and has type 2 diabetes. What are acceptable parameters for her fasting and A1c?I ate breakfast at 9 a.m. and at 11.30 a.m. my blood sugar was 178 mg/dl. Do I have diabetes?My blood glucose levels two hours after I eat are usually back into the 80s or 90s and my levels have only been high a couple times, usually after eating a lot of sugar or carbs. But when I work out my levels drop into the 60s from 100 quickly. What is going on?I have been battling infections colitis with bleeding for 7 months. Can this raise my A1c level?My blood sugar is 104mg/dl and my estimated average glucose is 140 mg/dl. Do I have diabetes?I am pre-diabetic per my doctor. I eat healthier and have been exercising after dinner for the past three weeks. Still my blood glucose is in 160-170 4 hours after dinner. I don’t want to be on meds. Any advice?My blood sugar was 195 before bed. A1c was 5.9 one month ago. I have not been good with my diet. I also take Zocor. Should I be concerned or just follow good diet? Is there something I can do about my fear of having low blood sugar? I haven’t been taking my insulin because of this concern.I have type 2 diabetes and my fasting number is 115-118. Is that a good target range?I have type 2 diabetes and my sugar level is usually 180-240. Last week it was running 80-140. I haven’t been taking any meds or insulin. Is something wrong?My dad just got home from the hospital. He has congestive heart failure, COPD and type 2 diabetes. I checked his sugars and overnight they went from 600 down to 70. Is my meter wrong? My A1c was 8.38 and my doctor said it was nothing to worry about even though my blood sugars gave been ranging from 250 to over 500. What should I do next?
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