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bjc health marketplace open enrollment 2018

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Plan

If you’re shopping for a Marketplace health plan, you know it can be confusing. Here’s help for knowing how to choose, and a chance to talk with an expert who can help you make the best choice.

1.  Determine the coverage you can’t do without. Where are you in life? Are you having a child anytime soon? Do you have a family history of cancer or heart problems? Look closely at what a plan covers and what it doesn’t.

2.  Choose a plan that includes the doctors you want. If having access to the doctors you prefer is important, then make sure they are part of the plan. Under the Affordable Care Act, individual insurance plans must cover the full cost of certain preventive services for men, women and children, including vaccinations and tests for high blood pressure, cholesterol, colon cancer and diabetes, as long as they’re provided by a doctor who is part of the plan’s network.   

3.  Don’t buy more than you need. People who are younger and healthier might want a policy with a higher deductible and a smaller monthly premium. The idea is that for some people it could be cheaper to pay more out-of-pocket costs when you actually use your insurance in exchange for spending less each month to have the policy.  

4.  Understand your copays. Copays are the amounts you pay out-of-pocket for each service you receive, and they can add up. Insurance plans are required to make this information available. 

5.  Make sure your drugs are covered. If you take certain drugs regularly, you’ll want to know if the plan you’re about to choose covers the drugs you need. 

6.  Don’t forget your dependents. If you have children under age 26 who don’t have health insurance coverage through their job, they can be on your policy.

7.  Talk with an expert. If you still need help from someone, please visit and select the “Find Local Help” tool to search for other Marketplace counseling services in your Area. If you’re in Missouri, you can try Cover Missouri at or by calling 800.466.3213. If you’re in Illinois, you can try Get Covered Illinois at 866.311.1119.

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