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Healthcare Informatics & Data Analysis

Our mission is to improve health care through innovative, effective and portable applications of information technology. Our work is clinically focused, translating knowledge into practice by emphasizing asynchronous decision support (safety net screening after decisions have been made), with the major goal of assisting clinicians to deliver state-of-the-art, error-free care. To this end, we use integrated clinical databases and rigorously evaluated expert systems to alert, monitor and measure clinical care and effectiveness.

Our systems and data are used daily by BJC HealthCare, Washington University Medical Center and supporting agencies. We provide clinicians with population, organizational, and patient-level data, analysis and decision support. Our work serves a variety of people who participate in patient care, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, performance improvement specialists, allied health personnel and administrators, and government agencies.

Our Approach
To carry out our mission, we develop decision support systems around our integrated databases, or collaborate with clients and partners in acquiring data outside our current domain. We can either bring solutions to a client’s well-defined problem or develop independent solutions for prevalent health care problems. Our team of software engineers, analysts, abstractors, and clinicians are responsive to the healthcare industry’s changing needs and apply leading edge methodologies and best practices to ensure the best possible outcomes for our customers.

We serve health care organizations both within and beyond Washington University Medical Center and BJC Healthcare. This includes the WUSM Institute for Informatics, the BJC/WUSM Health System Innovation Lab (HSIL), Epic1, along with integrated healthcare delivery networks, hospitals, clinics, physician groups, third party payers or pharmacy benefit management plans.  

Clinical Information Systems

Clinical Information Systems (CIS) serves as the interface between clinicians and technology. As such, CIS staff are based locally at the HSOs, even though the governance structure is centralized in CCE. CIS staff support all the Community Hospitals and Academic Hospitals, including Memorial in Belleville/Shiloh.

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