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Employer Wellness Summit 2016 - Presentations

Start With “Why” in Your Wellness Culture
Kristen Hadeed
Founder, Student Maid

Finding the answer to the question “why” helps build a framework for an organization’s wellbeing program. And once employees understand the “why” of well-being, they can begin to thrive at work and at home. The goal is to find personal and organization health through happiness and inspiration. 

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Well-Being Program Designed for Success
Lilly Graziani, CCWS, EP
Manager, Health Performance, Strategies, Florida Hospital

Florida Hospital, the largest admitting hospital in the United States, created a program based on whole-person wellness instead of a more traditional program focused on diet and exercise. That initiative, called CREATION Health -- CREATION stands for Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook and Nutrition -- has dramatically changed Florida Hospital’s health culture.

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Community Collaborations to Support Workplace Health
Lauren Schulte, MPH, CHES

Wellness Services Manager, St. Louis Area Business Health Coalition
Co-Chair, Worksite Wellness Subcommittee, St. Louis County Partnership for a Healthy Community

Collaborative workplace and community efforts are necessary to address the spectrum of risk factors contributing to rising chronic disease rates. The St. Louis County Partnership for a Healthy Community represents a multisectoral collaboration of public, private, academic and government organizations to promote health and reduce chronic disease risk in St. Louis, Missouri. Through the assessment of current workplace wellness practices, shared learning and development of a new online tool, the Partnership’s Worksite Wellness Subcommittee is taking action to enhance employer awareness of local resources and community-based opportunities for the
improvement of population health.

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Workplace Health Solutions: Continuous Quality Improvement for Workplace Health
Rachelle Bartnick
Senior Director, Community Health
American Heart Association

No matter where people work, creating a culture of good health for employees is a community health imperative. An American Heart Association (AHA) survey found that the keys to successfully engaging employees in their health include a supportive culture of health and a commitment from senior-management leadership. The AHA’s five-step process includes assessing workplace culture, structure and health program outcomes. The program also offers science-based resources to help increase employee engagement and productivity.

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Culinary Apothecary: The Power of Food as Medicine
Chef Cary Neff

Vice President, Corporate Culinary Services
Morrison Healthcare

Presentation Description
Join us for a delectable, wholesome lunch and subsequent discussion led by world-renowned Chef Neff as he facilitates a conversation about the power of food.

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