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Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Long-term Care Facilities and COVID-19

Will I be able to visit my loved one after admission to a nursing home or assisted living facility?

Visitation has continued to be more restrictive in nursing homes and assisted living facilities as compared to hospitals. This is related to public health guidance to protect some of our most vulnerable citizens and reopening depends upon various factors including community incidence and the status of required mass testing for COVID in each facility. Please check with the facility to understand what visitation is currently possible.

Facilities may be allowed by local authorities to have scheduled, time limited, socially distanced, masks on, outdoor only visitation. No indoor visits except compassionate visits are allowed at this time and is not expected to change in the near future.

Is there COVID in the facility we are considering for myself or my family member?

BJC is unable to confirm or maintain a current list of facilities that have residents recovering from COVID. Unfortunately having patients with COVID is not uncommon and occurs in all levels of nursing home care. It is important to know that nursing home facilities are highly regulated and have multiple requirements for monitoring and reporting COVID incidence in their facility which impacts their ability to accept patients.

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