Video Library

April 2018 - Robots in the Hospital?
A Job Well Done
January 2018 - A Story of Art
Sept. 1, 2017 - Ribbon Cutting
BJC, Washington University and the City of St. Louis celebrate the opening of Forest Park Parkway east of Kingshighway
June 2017 - Time lapse: a new view

Three years Campus Renewal from the east.

March 2017 - Day one excitement on "the link"
February 2017 - Tour "the link"

Take a walking tour of the link with Ramona Tumblin-Rucker as she describes the progress and safety features.

January 2017 - Three Years of Campus Renewal

Time lapse of Barnes-Jewish Hospital development at Kingshighway and Forest Park Avenue.

December 2016 - Moving delivery traffic away from patient traffic

Patients and visitors won't have to contend with delivery traffic after the dock operations at Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children's are consolidated a block east of the hospitals.

November 2016 - A Peek into the Children's Expansion
September 2016 - Safety on the new "link"
Al Schall discusses security and safety
September 2016 - Building the "link"
Jeremy Lammers with KAI/Paric talks about constructing the link
September 2016 - Raising the Children's Rooftop Sign
August 22, 2016 - Raising the B
The B for the rooftop signage on the BJH expansion
July 2016 - A Look Inside Barnes-Jewish Construction
Behind the scenes progress at BJH
June 2016 - Appreciating Safe Work
The June 15, 2016 safety lunch - workers treated to barbecue and learn about Kidstruction campaign. Video courtesy Greg Clark, Punchstl
May 2016 - Practicing Safety
Ensuring everyone arrives home safely after a day on the construction site is a top priority for the Campus Renewal safety team.
May 3, 2016 - Safety Stand Down - 25 minutes
Campus Renewal safety manager Corey Hayes delivers a message of fall protection to nearly 500 construction workers.