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Feb 2017

Employee link to open March 1

The much anticipated link connecting employee parking with the hospitals will open March 1. Connecting four garages encompassing nearly 6,000 employee parking spaces, the link will provide a safe, secure and out-of-the-elements route to and from the garages.

On a cold, brisk February afternoon, Karnell Reid, BJH environmental service supervisor, wished he were in the link, not on the sidewalk below it. “I am really looking forward to it opening,” says Reid, who parks in the Duncan Central garage. “Being able to walk to work and not get wet or cold will be awesome.”

During nicer weather, Reid walks, but the extreme cold or heat has him waiting for the shuttles, which he feels adds to his commute time. He also prefers the exercise he gets walking to and from the garage, and he looks forward to walking year round.

BJH lab tech Daniel Adank skips the shuttles and makes the daily trek from the Duncan Central garage. “I’ve always walked, with the exception of when I had a bulging disc in my back and the pain was too extreme,” says Adank, who’s looking forward to the climate controlled, elevated walkway.

“The link will make the walk so much more tolerable in the winter and summer,” Adank says, adding, “and not having to play Frogger crossing Taylor.” Frogger is an arcade game popularized in the 1980s in which frogs navigated across a busy, hazardous road.

Employees arriving to their parking garages March 1 will be able to use their badges to access the link. The SLCH staff garage, Duncan Central and Duncan Taylor enter the link from the fourth level. The Metro garage enters from the third level.

“I’m thrilled this day has come,” says Gary LaBlance, SLCH vice president. “For some time, staff have asked for an alternative to waiting for shuttles. I think many staff will choose the link and will find the short walk through the link, less than a quarter mile, to be a faster commute than the shuttle system.”

Take a virtual tour

Take a fun tour of the link with Ramona Tumblin-Rucker, project manager, and learn about the safety features in this video.

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