There are actually two projects:

1. The creation of a traditional intersection at Forest Park and Kingshighway – currently Forest Park Ave./Parkway lanes run under Kingshighway. The lanes will be filled in, creating a four-way intersection. 
2. The replacement of a bridge over the MetroLink tracks west of Kingshighway. 

Work began December 5, 2016.

The project is expected to be completed in late August. 

There are a couple main reasons: 


1.  The current configuration is challenging for drivers accessing the medical center, the Central West End and Forest Park. Turns are limited to and from Kingshighway and Forest Park Ave.


2.  Pedestrian safety is a big concern at both Kingshighway and at Euclid. The intersection at Euclid is especially dangerous with faster eastbound traffic emerging from beneath Kingshighway mixing with slower eastbound vehicles.

When the new Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children's expansions open, more patients will be traveling to the north end of the medical center. Reconstructing the intersection now will enable the contractors to complete the work before the new facilities open. 

The bridge over MetroLink is being funded with a $2.5 million federal grant. The City of St. Louis will oversee construction.
The intersection is being funded by BJC ($5 million) and Washington University School of Medicine ($2.5 million). BJC will manage the construction. 

As the volume of patient care increases on the north end of the campus when the new facilities open, traffic volume also will increase. The new intersection will improve the accessibility of the garages, enhance wayfinding and reduce confusion. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved safety for drivers and pedestrians at the Forest Park Parkway/Euclid Avenue intersection
  • Improved access to the Central West End neighborhood.
  • Improved access to Forest Park with turn lanes from Kingshighway to Forest Park Parkway
  • More visually appealing streetscape
  • Slowing of east/west traffic benefiting pedestrian safety
  • Reduced crisscrossing of vehicles on Forest Park Parkway near Euclid

The greatest impact will be on Forest Park Parkway west of Kingshighway, when it closes to through traffic. Contractors will keep Kingshighway open in both directions. 

  • North-south lanes on Kingshighway will remain open
  • Limited north/south Kingshighway lane closures will occur during overnight hours
  • East/west lanes on Forest Park Parkway between Kingshighway and Euclid will be limited to one lane in each direction

Avoid Kingshighway and Forest Park Parkway. Patients frequently arrive under stressful circumstances. Employees can help ease their stress by taking alternate routes. Highway exit ramps and streets east of Kingshighway provide easy access to employee parking and typically will take less time.

In August 2014, Interstate 64/Highway 40 interchanges opened at Boyle and Tower Grove – providing employees with convenient access to parking as an alternative to the Kingshighway congestion. The new interchanges were built to improve campus circulation for employees, ease traffic on Kingshighway for patients and visitors and accommodate development in the Cortex district. 

Traffic counts last fall indicated the interchanges are significantly underutilized, while Kingshighway continues to be congested, causing delays for patients and employees. 

Employees are encouraged to take advantage of the easily accessible interchanges. 

If you commute I-64/40 and live west of the medical center:

Exit at Tower Grove Avenue
After work, take the ramp from Boyle onto westbound I-64/40

If you commute I-64/40 and live east of the medical center:


Exit at Boyle
After work, take Boyle to Papin St. onto eastbound I-64/40