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Pre-registering a Loved One
for the COVID-19 Vaccine
is Just One Click Away

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We know some people have been unable to register to receive the COVID-19 — whether through lack of internet access or other reasons — and there are many people who want to make sure their loved ones receive the vaccine. At BJC, we want to make it easy for caregivers like you to get your loved ones vaccinated. Don’t delay – pre-register your loved one today. Get Started

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I'm a caregiver and want to help someone else get vaccinated. Where do I start?

Getting your loved one vaccinated at BJC starts with completing our pre-registration form. After that, you will need to complete a few simple steps before you receive an invitation to schedule an appointment for your loved one.

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What are the side effects of the vaccine?

An extremely small percentage of those who receive the vaccine will have side effects significant enough to interfere with their daily activities.

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When can my loved one get the vaccine?

Decisions about who will receive the vaccine, and when, are made by U.S. and state public health agencies. BJC is working as quickly as supply allows to vaccinate those eligible.

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Want to learn more? If so, read Five things you should know about getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

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