Move date: TBD

Current locations:

  • 1st floor ASC – ORs 8-11
  • 2nd floor – ORs 1-7

New location: lower level 1 (procedure floor)

  • OR 1: robot specialty
  • ORs 2-3: urology, gastric bypass, colon-rectal
  • ORs 4-7: ophthalmology, ENT and plastic
  • ORs 8-14: orthopedic and spine
  • ORs 15-16: shell space (to be finished with increased volume demand)
  1. The department of surgery serves inpatient, outpatient and same-day patients in a single OR platform. Design of the new hospital and new processes address the need for privacy, while creating efficient flows for patients, companions, staff and physicians. OR technology enables surgical care that leverages the latest advance in research, education and medicine, as well as real-time images, historical images, data, robotics and education.

Benefits include:

  • Efficiencies with combined department versus separate ASC and Main ORs
  • Surgery control room
  • Pneumatic tube system located in the control room
  • Video integration, booms, dedicated nursing and MD workstations
  • Case cart system for movement of instrumentation and supplies throughout the ORs

Department phone numbers: TBD

Department champions:



Darla Chilton

Teri Johnson