Lab Services (Main, Outpatient, Pathology)

Move date: TBD

Currently locations:

  • Outpatient lab: 2nd floor
  • Main lab and pathology: 1st floor

New locations:

  • Outpatient lab: main floor just to the left of the information desk in the lobby. The outpatient lab shares registration with pre-surgical testing.
  • Main lab and pathology: main level in a separate, non-public location.

Pneumatic tube stations in the outpatient and main labs expedite the transfer of specimens. Operable windows in the corridor to the blood bank and main lab facilitate movement of specimens without entry into the lab.

Hours and phone numbers:

  • Outpatient lab: TBD Phone Number:_______
  • Main lab: 24/7 Phone Number:_______
  • Pathology: TBD Phone Number:_______

Department champion: Tim Wilhite,