Environmental Services (EVS)

Move date: TBD

Current location: 1st floor

New Locations:

  • Ground floor – House-wide EVS supply room, and a second room for automated cleaning equipment.
  • Lower level 1-3rd floor – EVS closets, and separate closets for floor cleaning equipment and supplies.

Chute rooms for trash and linens are located on every floor adjacent to the service elevators, which increase the efficiency of waste movement. The chute termination room is on the ground floor.

Clean linen and staff scrub storage room is on the ground floor. Scrub Avail machines are located on the ground floor in the alcove across from CSPD and on the procedural floor (lower level 1) in the surgery locker room.

Bed and stretcher storage rooms are located on the ground floor near the service elevator.

Hours: 24/7

Phone Number: 314-747-1435 (EVS Support Service Clerks Office)

Department Champion: Mirsada Dzindic

Department Champion:

Renell Wicks, renell.wicks@bjc.org