Move date: TBD

Current locations: 1st Floor

New locations:

Lower level 1 – this location serves the procedural floor

Ground floor – this location serves the remainder of the hospital

Biomed, or clinical engineering, is a part of Clinical Asset Management. Biomed is the first call for any piece of clinical equipment they maintain when it needs to be fix. Biomed also does preventative maintenance on all clinical equipment to ensure it is working properly, batteries are replaced if needed, etc.

The purpose of the Medical Equipment Management Plan is to establish and maintain a safe patient care and treatment environment throughout Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital, by managing risks associated with the use of clinical equipment.


Hours: TBD

Phone numbers:

Department Champion: Phillip Siecinski,

  1. Ensure that the selection and acquisition of clinical equipment is appropriate to the needs of patient care procedures and providers and incorporates effective patient safeguards.
  2. Consistently maintain a safe patient care and treatment environment by managing risks associated with the use and maintenance of clinical equipment, and by satisfying The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG).
  3. Ensure operational reliability and functionality of medical equipment through programmed maintenance.
  4. Support continuous improvement in equipment safety and performance, through monitoring, reporting and correcting problems associated with the use of medical equipment, and the operation of the equipment management system.
  5. Satisfaction of voluntary and regulatory compliance standards and requirements.
    • Ground floor: 314-996-____
    • Lower level 1: 314-996-____