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Opening Keynote: Care Delivery Innovation at BJC HealthCare and Washington University School of Medicine

Shoenberg Theater​

Tom Maddox, MD, executive director, Healthcare Innovations Lab at BJC, will discuss how digital health and the Healthcare Innovation Lab is shaping care delivery innovation at BJC and Washington University School of Medicine.

Closing Keynote: Positioning BJC for Success for the Next Generation of Healthcare

Shoenberg Theater​

End the day with Jerry Fox, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, as he reveals how BJC has embraced the new age of “patient” consumerism through technology-enabled strategies. From discovering how providers use information technology to keep their patients healthy to learning how various digital channels help patients manage chronic conditions, Jerry will discuss how Information Services at BJC HealthCare are poised for the future of healthcare engagement using technology.

Breakout Sessions:


Biomechanics: Understanding the What’s, Why’s, and How’s of the Way We Move

Shoenberg Theater​

Biomechanics is more than state-of-the-art gear and sports medicine. Patients with arthritis, joint injury, and chronic pain can benefit from biomechanical assessment. Audience volunteers will demonstrate applications with the same motion capture technology used in video game design, animation, virtual reality and robotics. Dr. Michael Harris, assistant professor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Surgery and Mechanical Engineering at Washington University, will take you through his research that combines in-vivo biomechanics with medical imaging (i.e., CT and MRI) to make subject-specific models to improve surgical interventions, rehabilitation and the quality of life for people facing osteoarthritis.

3D Printing for Patients of All Ages and Surgeons of All Disciplines

Garden Room

Join Robert Wesley, 3D Printing Engineer for St. Louis Children's Hospital and BJC HealthCare, as he presents exciting developments in 3D printing. Learn about current and future applications of 3D printing and how industry leaders, like Washington University, take diagnostic images and turn them into reality using 3D printing, and how quality assurance is handled throughout.

Improving Access to Innovative Cancer Treatments in the Community: Providing Tomorrow’s Treatments Today

Garden Room

The vast majority of cancer care in America is delivered in a community setting, often at great distances from an academic center. Bryan Faller, MD, director of cancer research at MBMC, will show you how their affiliation with the Heartland National Cancer Institute's Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) fulfills their mission of providing access to cutting-edge treatments for patients in a convenient location, near to family and friends.

Back to the Future: Potential Contributions of Traditional Remedies to Innovative Patient Care and Marketing

Garden Room

Join Wendy Applequist, PhD, associate curator at Missouri Botanical Garden, for an insightful discussion about traditional remedies. An increasing number of traditional and complementary medical practices and products are reported to be effective in clinical trials. Many consumers are informed about, and attracted to, their potentially superior safety, affordability, and sometimes unique benefits. Physicians and hospitals have an opportunity to increase patients' well-being, loyalty and satisfaction by providing or facilitating access to high quality, well-supported traditional remedies.


The Role of Public Information Officer in the Branson Duck Boat Tragedy

Missouri Room

The presentation is a case study of the role of the public information officer in crisis communication, specifically in the duck boat accident on Branson's Table Rock Lake on July 19, 2018. Yvette Williams, System Director, Corporate Communications for Cox Health, will present the use of social media for initial notification of a crisis, how to manage hospital patients and families who want to do their own media outreach. She will also discuss timing the activation of the media staging. 

Overcoming the Curse of Knowledge: Tips for Writing for the General Audience

Missouri Room

As an expert in your field, it can be a challenge to communicate with outsiders. How do we overcome the curse of knowledge to create written content that is clear and accessible to everyone? In this session, Mychal Voorhees, health communications and training specialist from the Becker Medical Library at Washington University School of Medicine, will show you how to strengthen your writing using plain-language principles and strategies for making your message accurate, accessible, and actionable.

Using Office 365 to Improve Your Internal Communications

Botanical Room

OneDrive. Teams. Forms. This new suite of Microsoft Office’s advanced applications is beginning to shape how BJC communicates and collaborates. From overview to exploration, discover tips and tricks to getting the most out of these tools. Learn new ways to save, store, and share files within an Office 365 account using "OneDrive." Explore the new collaboration hub called "Teams" which combines workplace chat, online meetings, notes and files stored in one unified place. And, get a quick demo of Microsoft's easy-to-use online survey app called "Forms."

Office 365 @ BJC handout

IS ANYONE READING THIS? Best Practices for Amplifying Your Email Communications

Shoenberg Theater​

Emails often are cited as both the most preferred form of communication and the most despised. This makes developing successful emails both vital and sometimes difficult to achieve. In this session, Emily Barlean and Tricia Anagnos, Managing Supervisors of Talent & Transformation at FleishmanHillard, will share case studies, trends and best practices for increasing the effectiveness of your email communications. They will also discuss helpful amplification tactics for creating a surround-sound approach to reach employees. From developing newsletters and leadership announcements to optimizing your intranet and writing for your audience, the session will deliver tangible approaches for ensuring your content is not only read, but understood and acted upon.


Managing Stress in the Workplace

Garden Room

Join Cynthia Hovis, MSW, LCSW, CCTP, clinical supervisor, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), for a session that will explore the roots of self-care and core of self-awareness necessary for successfully coping with stressors in the workplace. The goal of this session is to provide a whole tree approach to growth, encourage self-evaluation, and provide practical tips for managing workplace stress.

Taking Your PowerPoint Presentations to the Next Level

Shoenberg Theater​

Microsoft PowerPoint has many tricks up its sleeve! In this session, Kris Jorstad, Senior Learning and Development Consultant, will explore some of PowerPoint’s unique features and shortcuts that will improve your design, enhance your presentation skills and wow your audience!

Making Workfront Work for You

Shoenberg Theater​

Have you been wondering how to get more out of your Workfront experience? Laura Morgan, senior manager of creative services, will address many of your burning questions in this session. Learn more about to navigate and access the newest resource within the tool, Digital Asset Management (DAM). The session will also review how to share assets with outside organizations, as well as how to submit your own assets to the DAM.

Finding Balance - How to Reset Your Day Without Leaving Your Desk

Missouri Room

In this session, led by Kimberly Akuna, mind and body program coordinator for Move by BJC, you will learn how to increase flexibility and balance from your desk, ease aching muscles, calm your mind, and interrupt the stress reaction cycle so you are better able to deal with challenges, upgrade your capacity for critical thinking and problem solving and more.


Health Care Consumers: Chronicling Our Industry’s Newest Change Agents

Botanical Room

Health care is no longer just about quality outcomes. Consumerism is here and here to stay. In this session, John Palmer, strategic analyst for NRC Health, will discuss what a health care consumer is, how they make decisions and what they know about the choices they have. This understanding will be key to thriving in the new health care consumerism environment

Clicks Don't Count! How to Align All Aspects of the Consumer Journey to Boost New Patient Acquisition 5X

Botanical Room

While targeted marketing campaigns are a tool and can result in increased service line business, they are traditionally measured by clicks/impressions and “conversions” that all too often yield poor actual patient acquisition rates. Jack Dabrowski, director, communications and marketing for PWH and BJSPH, will cover determining the valuation of patient journeys, and outline the process of aligning the metrics to go beyond awareness and directly tie significant business back to specific marketing efforts. He will discuss how to transform communications and marketing from a cost center to a strategic partner worth investing in.

Search Strategies: Key to Effective Digital Marketing

Missouri Room

Search strategies and keyword choices make the difference in an effective marketing campaign. Join search engine optimization experts JoAnna Dettmann, Kaysha Hanock and Emily Phillippi of tSunela, as they present why keyword research is important and how to do it properly. They will also explore the differences between SEO and PPC keyword lists and discuss how to effectively track the success of SEO and PPC campaigns. You will learn how to combine these tactics with strategies for improving organic search engine visibility and how to create PPC landing pages that drive success.

Millennials and the Demographic Divide In Health Care

Botanical Room

Not all consumers are created alike. Millennials are demanding industries adjust to their needs and preferences, and health care is no different. In this session, John Palmer, strategic analyst for NRC Health, will discuss Millennials’ demands of health care as the first step in creating an environment willing to adapt and change to the needs and preferences of the consumer.

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