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Travis Sheridan, President of the CIC Venture Cafe Global Institute
Align & Amplify: Using an Ecosystem to Build a Community

The story of innovation in St. Louis is one with many parallel applications and opportunities for engagement. The development of the Cortex District has become an international example now being modeled by other cities. During this opening keynote session, we will examine the aspects of building an innovation community that can be applied to personal growth and the process of activating seemingly disparate elements in a way that creates serendipitous collisions.


Rich Liekweg, BJC President 
My Leadership Journey, and the Lessons I’ve Learned Along the Way

As president of BJC HealthCare, Rich Liekweg is responsible for advancing operational and clinical excellence across all of BJC’s hospitals, service organizations and shared services departments. With a history of serving in leadership roles at BJC, University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Medical Center, and Duke University Health System, Rich has learned many leadership lessons along the way. During this candid and authentic presentation, you’ll hear stories from our BJC president that have stuck with Rich throughout the years and have helped to shape him into the leader he is today.


COCAbiz Interactive Workshop

The energy of the day will build as we explore practices used by improv performance groups as a means of illuminating the skills and attitudes required of any collaborative, creative effort where the path to success is ambiguous and colleagues must build on each other’s presence and ideas to meet challenges and solve problems. This interactive closing keynote session will engage us in reflection on personal discoveries, workplace applications and the power of non-verbal communication.


What’s Next in My Career?
Courtney Seeber | Senior Consultant | BJC Institute for Learning and Development

Whether you want to improve in your current role or grow your career, self-exploration is an important first step in your career development. During this session, you will reflect on your career path, learn more about developing and strengthening your personal brand, and receive recommendations on how to seek out development opportunities to gain or strengthen your skills and experience.

Connecting our Organization: How Workplace by Facebook Will Help Team Members Across BJC Connect, Engage and Celebrate Each Other
Emily Brasel | Employee Communications Director | BJC HealthCare

Years ago, Facebook created an internal version of its Facebook platform to help their employees connect and share ideas across their organization. After much interest from other companies for the same type of tool, Facebook began testing and piloting its new internal version of Facebook with other organizations. Fast forward to today and “Workplace by Facebook” is now used by more than 1,000 organizations world-wide. Join this session to learn how BJC is planning to adopt this tool across the organization and hear how other companies are using it today. Be inspired by the results, and begin envisioning how BJC will be able to use Workplace to connect, engage and celebrate our workforce. Please bring your mobile phone to the session for some hands on practice using the tool.

Using Technology to Build Customer Relationships
John Meister | Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer | Panera Bread

It isn’t just the delicious sandwiches and quick service that keeps customers returning to Panera, also known as St. Louis Bread Company here in the Gateway to the West. Join Panera’s information technology leader for a discussion about using technology in innovative ways to grab a hold of consumers and make them want to keep coming back.


Building Resiliency Through Self-Care
Katie Ballela | Senior Consultant | BJC Institute for Learning and Development

Self-care, one of five parts in the BJC resiliency model, describes the actions you take to care for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Learn more about resiliency, the importance of self-care, barriers to self-care and how you can incorporate self-care into your schedule. You'll leave this session with a plan to focus more on your own health and well-being, which will strengthen your ability to care and support others inside and outside of work.

The State of Marketing Work, and What’s Next
Jerry Hyde | Strategic Account Executive | Workfront Inc.

According to recent research, most workers spend 40 percent of their day on their core job function. The rest of the time is filled with meetings, emails and other "fake work" that gets in the way of what you were actually hired to do. Join this session to discuss ways in which marketing work management (a.k.a. Workfront) will help BJC Communications and Marketing be more effective, giving visibility into the real work that has to happen every day, and how work automation can help with overall productivity while freeing up time for your core job.

Wines That Rock: How Innovative Thinking and Marketing Built the Anti-wine Company
Ron Roy | Founder and Partner | Wines That Rock, LLC

Wines That Rock was founded on the principle that there was a place for a loud, rock-themed, music lovin', take no prisoners wine company in an industry that was traditionally controlled by generational families and big corporate beverage conglomerates. The company's goal was to be America's first rock 'n roll wine company, which it has achieved. During this session, you will learn about Wines That Rock's innovation in marketing and packaging, how it thought outside the box in its approach to attract consumers, and how it managed the press, social media, the pop culture/lifestyle wine category … along with selling hundreds of thousands of cases of the nectar of the gods -- wine!


Partnering With Your Stakeholders to Realize a Shared Vision
Anna Batson, Britt Garlock and Kim Orton | Transformation Support (TS) Consultants | BJC Center for Clinical Excellence 

Seventy percent of change initiatives fail. Why? Often it’s because the project owners did not engage the correct stakeholders along the way. The BJC Change Model is foundational for realization of a shared vision. Stakeholder commitment is established one conversation at a time and is accelerated through the art of communication. The cornerstone of BJC’s Accelerating Change and Transitions™ (ACT) change model is “having the conversations we need to have, with rigor and discipline, to drive action.” Through this interactive session, you will learn how to effectively engage stakeholders to help achieve your desired results.

Unlocking the Power of Our People​
Jeff O’Donnell | Client Services ManagerPoppulo

Poppulo, previously known as Newsweaver, has given BJC Communications and Marketing a better way to unlock the power of our people. The Poppulo effect of “success from within” is produced by informing, listening to, engaging, and inspiring team members. Hear best practices with measurable impact from a Poppulo expert, be inspired by the capabilities we’ve yet to tap into, and – possibly – share your own successes using the tool.

Service for a Sustainable Future: Changing the Way Customers See Their Food
April Powell | Director of Marketing and Operations | Bon Appétit Management Company at Washington University, St. Louis

Digest how the Bon Appétit team, who manages Washington University's dining services, has focused their marketing efforts on transforming how their customers at the university and in surrounding communities view food. Bon Appétit has a established a brand identity dedicated to sustainability and making a positive impact on the community and environment. Learn about their local marketing efforts, and see other examples of how this nationwide organization is reaching customers by streamlining purchasing processes and engaging with their leaders to make meaningful policy changes in support of more sustainable practices. 

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