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 Key Dates

October 7: Voter registration deadline

October 21: Absentee and mail-in ballot deadline to request a ballot by mail

November 3 – Election Day

 Key Info

Register to Vote: Register online to vote in Missouri.

Polling Place Hours: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
If you are in line at closing time, you have the right to vote.

Polling Place Location: Find your polling location by your personal address.

Absentee Voting

Registered voters who expect to be unable to go to their polling place on Election Day may vote absentee.

You can request your absentee ballot from your local election authority in person, by mail, by fax, or by email. DO NOT send absentee ballot applications to the Secretary of State.

You are eligible to vote absentee without a notary if due to:

  • Incapacity or confinement due to illness
  • In 2020, have contracted COVID-19 or is at-risk due to any of the following
    • Age 65+
    • Live in a long-term care facility
    • Have a chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma
    • Have serious heart conditions
    • Are immunocompromised
    • Have diabetes
    • Have chronic kidney disease and are undergoing dialysis
    • Have liver disease

You are eligible to vote absentee with a notary if due to:

  • Out of town on Election Day
  • Religious beliefs or practice
  • Working as an election worker
  • Incarceration, if still eligible to vote
  • Certified participation in an address confidentiality program

Find a free notary.

Absentee ballots may be turned in by mail or in person.

Your ballot must be received by 7pm on Election Day.

Mail-in Ballot

Mail-in ballots for registered MO voters were authorized for the August 2020 primary election and the November 2020 general election to avoid the risk of COVID-19.

Fill out the application to request a mail-in ballot.

Download Mail-in Ballot Application (PDF)

  • Submit the application in person or by mail to your local election authority.
  • DO NOT send mail-in ballot applications to the Secretary of State.

Your ballot will be mailed to you

  • Fill out your ballot
  • Your ballot must be returned in the provided envelope
  • The statement on the envelope must be signed and witnessed by a notary

Find a free notary.

Return your mail-in ballot through the United States Postal Service only.

If you registered to vote by mail and have not voted in person, you are required to submit a copy of your ID unless you provided a copy with your voter registration application.

Your ballot must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day.

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