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Healthcare for Missouri

Healthcare for Missouri is a statewide coalition of voters, patients, medical professionals, business leaders and organizations committed to expanding Medicaid through a ballot initiative in Missouri's Aug. 4 primary election. Medicaid expansion in Missouri will provide health care coverage to more than 200,000 hardworking Missourians.

Expanding Medicaid will deliver health care to individuals who earn less than $18,000 while bringing more than $1 billion of our tax dollars home from Washington every year to pay for the newly insured — money that’s now going to 36 other states like California, Arkansas, Indiana, and New York. It will provide for health care jobs and help keep rural hospitals open to ensure that all Missourians have access to emergency care. BJC, along with over 200 other diverse organizations in the state including business, chambers, AARP, faith organizations, health care providers, disease associations and Washington University, all support the passage of Amendment 2, Healthcare for Missouri. For more information, visit Healthcare for Missouri.

This ballot measure will let Missouri voters decide whether to give low-income Missourians the same access to health insurance as 36 states have already done.

Facts about the uninsured in Missouri

  • According to the Kaiser Foundation, over 71% of potentially Medicaid eligible adults work full time and another 14% work part time in areas such as food preparation, service-related occupations, farming, delivery and personal care, but they have jobs that don’t provide insurance. The majority of the uninsured live in rural communities.
  • Current Medicaid income eligibility requirements for adults are so low that if a custodial parent makes more than $301 a month, they lose their insurance. Someone who is disabled or blind can earn no more than $10,617 a year before they lose their health care insurance. Childless adults are ineligible for Medicaid coverage in Missouri.

Facts about Medicaid expansion

  • Expansion is fiscally responsible. It brings in $1 billion a year based on a 90% federal-to-state match for the newly insured under Medicaid. 
  • Expanding Medicaid increases the income eligibility requirements to $18,000 a year for adults or $30,000 for a family of three.
  • Access to care allows all Missouri citizens to get the care they need, when they need it. Delaying care can often turn something small into a life-threatening emergency down the road.
  • Six rural hospitals have closed in Missouri. Medicaid expansion will help keep rural hospitals open and boost our economy. 

How you can help Healthcare for Missouri achieve Medicaid expansion:

  • As a community leader, endorse the measure by adding your name and/or your organization to Healthcare for Missouri at
  • Send a letter of support to your local newspaper.
  • As a health care champion, stay informed.

For additional information

  • Visit to become a supporter, volunteer, donate, share a health care story or make an organizational endorsement.
  • Explore Healthcare for Missouri on Facebook and on Twitter @Yeson2MO.
  • Text “care” to 21333. Automated texts will be used to collect additional information like name, location and email.
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