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The Post-Acute Care Team

BJC Accountable Care Organization’s (ACO) post-acute care team provides continuity of care as patients transition from the hospital to post-acute care/skilled nursing facility and then back to their home setting.

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Lara Kerwin, PharmD, clinical pharmacist, BJC Medical Group

Robin Batchelor, MSW, LCSW, care partner

Lara Kerwin, PharmD, is a registered pharmacist through the Missouri State Board of Pharmacy with a Medication Therapy Services (MTS) certification. She received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Pharmacy in Kansas City, MO and then completed a two-year post-doctoral residency program at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. During residency, she spent time specializing in ambulatory care pharmacy practice, professional advocacy, clinical pharmacy service development and expansion, teaching, and implementing quality improvement initiatives in health care.

Kerwin has been involved in a number of practice-based research grants and most recently served as the primary investigator for a study on diabetes medication safety and optimization for a suburban, family medicine clinic She takes a deep interest in providing patient-centered, high quality pharmaceutical care; educating patients, students, residents, and other healthcare professionals; and working collaboratively on inter-professional care teams.

At BJC, Lara Kerwinwill be available as an expert resource for various health care teams within the BJC Medical Group. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, providing in-person and telephonic consultative services for patients, facilitating improved access to affordable medications, optimizing medication use for patients with diabetes and other chronic conditions, and serving as a resource for providers and care team members for any medication-related concerns and recommendations. Additionally, Kerwin will consult with Medical Group and ACO-contracted insurance plans and implement strategies to optimizemedication use among our shared patient populations. She will also be a leader in the development and maintenance of ambulatory care policies and procedures within BJC Medical Group and the Accountable Care Organization as they relate to pharmacy and medication best practices.

Lara Kerwin provides the following services:

  • Patient education about health and medications
  • Partnership with providers and care team members on patient care plans
  • Comprehensive medication management
  • Patient outreach in between office visits to assist patients with reaching their goals
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Care Partners

Adam Mayhew, RN, BSN

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Hello, my name is Adam and I work as a care partner to support patients transitioning from hospital to home by offering them assistance with medications, follow up appointments, and therapies. I also assist patients with chronic health care needs who may not have had a recent hospitalization, but may benefit from an additional layer of nursing support. I work closely with patients’ physicians for continuity of care and timely management of health care issues.

Alison Lowe RN, LCSW, CCM

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Hello my name is Alison. As a care partner, I act as a resource to patients and their families. I can help coordinate services that patients receive and communicate with your doctor’s office directly when needed.  I am here to provide education and support.

Amy Eime, MHA, BABA

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Hello, my name is Amy. I provide support over the phone to patients with a variety of needs and help patients transition from the hospital and emergency room to home. I assist in communicating with patients providers, ensure patients have a follow-up appointment scheduled, answer patient questions and concerns and provide education and resources to help patients manage their health.

Arielle Kniffen, MSW, LCSW

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The first thing people usually ask me is if I was named after Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ariel; the answer is no. When I was born my mother was on a Shakespeare kick and named me after a sprite from Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. I am a nature enthusiast and I love hiking, camping, kayaking and exploring. One of my biggest travel dreams is to explore the Amazon River with my husband.

Brittany Wooten, LPN

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I am a patient advocate and reach out to patients that have been discharged from the emergency department and/or the hospital. I provide health education, involving their medications and answer any questions they may have, in regards to the recent visit. I also will reach out to any providers that need to urgently reach the patient, along with scheduling. My main objective in this job/position is to care for my patients and not let any concerns or questions go unanswered.