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The Post-Acute Care Team

BJC Accountable Care Organization’s (ACO) post-acute care team provides continuity of care as patients transition from the hospital to post-acute care/skilled nursing facility and then back to their home setting.

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Amrita Singh, MD

About Me

Amrita Singh, MD, is part of the post-acute care program of BJC Accountable Care Organization (ACO).

As a member of the post-acute care team, Dr. Singh provides care as a ‘transitionalist,’ to provide better quality, decreased cost, and an improved patient experience. The goal of the team is to provide continuity of care as patients transition from the hospital to post-acute care or a skilled nursing facility and then back to their home setting.

Dr. Singh is a highly trained and experienced geriatrician who provides easy access for patients during this critical time. She received her medical degree from Government Medical College. She completed her internship and residency at St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago. She also completed a fellowship in geriatric medicine at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

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Care Partners

Amy Eime, MHA, BABA, care partner

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Hello, my name is Amy. I provide support over the phone to patients with a variety of needs and help patients transition from the hospital and emergency room to home. I assist in communicating with patients providers, ensure patients have a follow-up appointment scheduled, answer patient questions and concerns and provide education and resources to help patients manage their health.

Barbara Hommel, BA, RN, care partner

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Hello, my name is Barbara and I a nurse care manager with BJC Accountable Care Organization. In my role, I interact with patients by telephone to assist them in managing their medical conditions, medicine and ways to the patient to take control of their own health. I am a liaison between the patient and their physician to facilitate communication.

Bethany Miller, RN

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My experience as a registered nurse has been in cardiology, inpatient case management and management for the past 6 years. I believe I share a common goal with the team and that is to meet our patients’ needs by delivering high quality, collaborative care. 

Brittany Wooten, LPN, care partner

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I am a patient advocate and reach out to patients that have been discharged from the emergency department and/or the hospital. I provide health education, involving their medications and answer any questions they may have, in regards to the recent visit. I also will reach out to any providers that need to urgently reach the patient, along with scheduling. My main objective in this job/position is to care for my patients and not let any concerns or questions go unanswered.