Strategy & Operations

In collaboration with BJC and hospital leadership, the Center for Clinical Excellence (CCE), Strategy & Operations (S&O) is responsible for long-term positioning of clinical and service quality. S&O leads and collaborates on a variety of BJC initiatives, while coordinating and aligning quality improvement efforts across CCE. The leadership team evaluates, forecasts, and communicates trends at the national level focused in the areas of clinical and quality strategy. Examples include value-based purchasing and patient-reported and patient-centered outcomes. S&O identifies opportunities for partnership within and outside of the health care industry in the interest of long-term positioning the overall organization. Example partnerships include universities, payers, for-profit organizations like pharmacy benefit management (PBM) and design firms.

Patient Experience
Strategy & Operations is comprised of three areas: Patient Experience, Grants & Publications, and Innovations in Patient Care. One indicator of the Patient Experience is the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems score (HCAHPS). This score helps BJC hospitals understand if they are consistently providing specific elements of care to patients in their facilities. In addition to HCAHPS, CCE assists BJC in measuring patient satisfaction using survey data from our vendor partner, PRC. This PRC patient satisfaction data provides insight into how well we are providing specific elements of care to patients. Both these measurement tools help CCE and BJC hospitals target our improvement efforts.

Innovations in Patient Care
Innovations in Patient Care and Grants & Publications support BJC’s dedication to improving patient quality and experience of care in every BJC facility. The Innovations team provides education, facilitation, and leadership consulting in the integration of Human Centered Design (HCD) methodology and principles, targeting efforts focused on improving clinical and service quality and outcomes. These Innovations allow CCE to incubate ideas to solve existing health system problems with an expanded set of tools. An example of a recent HCD-enhanced effort is solutions that enable medication adherence for patients taking multiple medications.

Grants & Publications
The Grants & Publications area manages publication efforts for the CCE sub-departments. They also support BJC's and individual hospitals' efforts to pursue research and funding opportunities for innovative approaches to patient care. These innovative approaches help BJC provide the safest patient care while delivering clinical excellence. This area reviews funding opportunities that align with BJC strategic priorities and researcher areas of interest to ensure strategic alignment with national research and policy priorities. Grant proposals address problems that face BJC and the St. Louis population. They also assist in the coordination of resources for submitting grant applications, planning of post-funding activities and general grant management. Efforts encourage development of robust research core to build and demonstrate capacity of BJC as a credible research organization and to attract strong investigators.