Financial Assistance

BJC HealthCare is committed to providing you with high-quality patient care and services. This includes sharing with you information about our billing process for health care services and our Financial Assistance Policy.

We will talk with you about patient expenses and send you a bill in as timely a manner as possible. There are some payments which may be required from you at the time services are provided, such as insurance deductibles, co-pays and payment for services not covered by insurance. The bill you receive will clearly state the services provided, any applicable discounts, and when payment is due.

Please contact us or call one of our financial representatives if you need help to pay your bill. All of your information is considered confidential, and we pledge to treat you with respect and dignity. If you do not have insurance coverage, we will automatically discount your hospital bill; and if you pay your bill in full within 30 days of your first notice, you will receive an additional discount. Please call us to discuss this discount.

Depending on your situation, you also may qualify for financial assistance. Please contact us or call one of our financial representatives to determine if help is available to you. Financial assistance may include:

  • Helping you apply for Medicaid
  • Determining your eligibility for free health care services
  • Determining eligibility for a reduction in the amount you owe for some services

If you have insurance coverage, we will bill your insurance carrier soon after health care services have been provided to you. It is possible that you may receive services from other health care professionals while you are at our hospital that will be billed separately. Some fees that may be billed separately include physicians, laboratory and radiology services.

If you do not have health insurance or are concerned that you may not have enough insurance to cover the costs of your services, BJC HealthCare hospitals want to assist you. If you need help paying for the health services you receive, please contact us or call one of our financial representatives.

We can meet with you to discuss financial assistance options. When you receive your bill, it will tell you who to contact if you need assistance paying your bill.

If you would like to apply for financial assistance, we will need to receive information from you about your job, income, resources, insurance coverage, family size and other information to help determine the appropriate programs for which you may qualify. We realize some of the questions we ask are sensitive, but it is necessary that we receive this information to help you. You have our commitment that we will respect you and your privacy during this process.

Every year BJC HealthCare provides more than $100 million in free care for uninsured patients, more than any other hospital or health system in Missouri. And if you need help, please contact us or call one of our financial representatives.